On Another Day

I will write about hope and find new stories

For today…..

I mean. I got nothing. No new stories. No new content.

I got nothing.

and it fucking hurts because this is how I art. This is how I express my feelings. This is how I have always ALWAYS told my/our story. Through day to day “hi how are you” to small fictions and gm/dm dnd shares

and I look back over the last few years of my writing and it’s just sadder and sadder attempts to reach out while the world burns down

and I am just so sad

and angry


I have lost hope in humans.

(looking at you TN, FL, and TX amongst others)

fuck this timeline

In Which I Respond To a Post – Edited

“To FB Fren: let me know what you like/don’t.

Some of it is intensely personal…lol. No all of it is.

The fiction and the non alike.

Writing is, was, shall always be the place to once agaIn to flesh out the monsters and devas in my mind.

That is true for me. It may not be the truth of other writers, and that’s okay.

If you find Voodoo Thoughts (or whatever I fucking named the piece) compelling know it was not about a lover. I will leave you to figure out what it was referencing..as any any good/terrible poet should.

Every single fiction piece you have read has likely had a reason.
And by that, I mean that there was an emotional connection to what they wrote.
People don’t write in a vacuum. They write from experiences and feelings and of hurt and love and grief and thought and opportunity. And and and.

I tend to write (both fiction and non) from a place of wanting to place my readers where I was. Even if is fiction and I never experienced what was going on (for example, I have *never* had the experience of being in love with a half mad mage….)
Except for the mage part, yeah. I have.
He was an excellent mad/angry bard though.


At any rate, *slippery Place Where We All Go To Find The Words+ eels slipping away*
My over elaborate point is that a lot of fiction is someone looking at something in their life and going. “huh”.

And that is what I mean. A good story should plant you headfirst into the feels of it.


+ – h/t to Senor King’s “Lisey’s Story”