Spring Cleaning

Driving home yesterday was so beautiful in a way that I’ve only ever seen Texas do. These moments almost unfailingly come when I’m thinking about all the reasons why I hate living here. And then BOOM! the Moon peeps from behind racing clouds shining cold light on a lone tree in a field. Or a deer goes bounding across the 2 lane that I’m driving, giving me a look that clearly says “where in the hell did you come from, anyway?” Or as in the case of yesterday – the wind causes the dead brown grass growing like patches of fur on a lion with mange to ripple and undulate. And then its not dead and brown anymore – it’s Rumpelstiltskin’s thread & it flickers with golden life.
The wind pressed up against the car like an overeager groom on his wedding night trying to find an entry. My light little car (all in white, no less – how appropriate) – acted like a terrified virgin. She kept skidding over and trying to jump into other lanes as the wind groped her.
I drove mesmerized for a long time – just watching the wind scud the clouds across the sky and the grasses along the side of the road. I cracked a window to let some of that wind in – to blow clean my soul, so to speak. It was cold and bracing — powerful. And the car quieted as the wind filled her.
And whether I want it to or not, I begin to think that the dreary winter really will end.

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