Spring Cleaning, part the second

Very mellow day/evening. Listening to the Ramones as I clean house….the music naturally swings into ambient/trance stuff as I sit down to write. It’s been that sort of day. *happy sigh*

I’ve had a nice day today. Went to b’fast w/BFF to what used to the Bluebonnet. Then we went our separate ways — only to run into each other at 1/2 price books. It’s always lovely to go to a bookstore on someone else’s money. I’d gotten a gift certificate for my bday some months agone. I found it whilst cleaning today and out the door I went! Goodbye laundry, hello bookstore. But I couldn’t berate myself too much for being a slacker today. Even though it was brisk…ok, even tho it was damn cold outside…the sky was beautiful – -all those clouds racing by. I love the wind. I love how it feels against my skin; how it feels in my hair. And how it always seems to blow my soul clean. I realized that we are halfway to March already. When I got into the car – the radio played only good tunes. I turned to the eighties station…Depeche Mode told me to “Enjoy the Silence”,…I turned to the dance station and “Voodoo Nation” poured out of the speakers.


At any rate – once done w/shopping for books I came back home and went back to being industrious again. Yay, me! I’m even going through all my clothes and putting some in bags to take to the shelter. For those that know me — BIG step. I’ve got clothes from the early nineties in my closet. Taking up space, cluttering things up; gone now! In a huge pile soon to be converted into a bunch of plastic bags full of clothes. And baby clothes my Girlie has outgrown. A very productive and happy day for me.

Tired of typing now. Must rest.

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