In the Words of Brother Bob…

…who never once said, “Boo-yah!!”

My car is even now being fixed. The scary transmission is being replaced by one of joy and love. Really.
Ok – they initially wanted $1625.37 to replace the transmission. I, in the gentle, delicate way that I have, told them to perform biological impossibilities upon their grandmothers. Furthermore, I said, you can keep the car.

“whoa!” they replied. “Let’s not be hasty…let’s get the owner of the company on the line.”

Long story short — they are going to fix the transmission on the car as if it was under warranty –AND– they are letting me have a loaner car for the duration of the fix.

Chevy Cavalier (’97)
I like the loaner better than the stupid car that I am buying. Am now pondering the probability of Them letting me swap for the Metro.

In other news ::::

Talislanta game — large bonus points. Even if all the people, plants and animals are green, purple &/or lizard derived. Might be the guy running it though.

My game — first time DM. Running a 2nd ed. Al-Quadim adventure. Have everything all ready, getting PC character submissions evaluated. Nervous as hell. But still…looking forward to it.

Am also considering putting together a Friendly Get-Together Nite @ the Hoose once or twice a month; weekly if it turns out well. I’d prefer that the nights be for things like Scrabble, Clue, poker, gin, canasta, Monopoly and etc. Maybe some of the Cheap-Ass Games too. I like the idea of friends, family showing up and playing games and eating popcorn. *ponder, ponder*


Car still dead.

I went shopping this weekend and got some clothing for the Girlie. One of the things I got was a light cotton jacket. She adored it. So much so that when she kept it on all day yesterday and had to be convinced to remove it. (Thirty minutes, I shit you not) of cajoling, asking, comforting (because she was well and truly upset. Crying and sucking her fingers and just about hysterical “I want my jacket!); it needed to be washed. She needed to be washed. It was nite-nite time. She can wear it in the morning to school.
thirty minutes….
Do I think that this melt down was really over a jacket?
At least not completely. She misses living w/Mama and Daddy in one house. She misses the structure of our lives. Truth to be told – so do I. I miss J, I miss living with him – irritating habits notwithstanding.
We are working things out — but, its such a slow, slow process. And I have never been one for patience.

On another front – the diet seems to be going pretty well. I resisted office birthday party cake yesterday and donuts this morning. Only a slight twinge of “wish I could have those” but nothing serious. I realize that for me, at any rate – donuts and cake and chocolate are not something that I can have just once in a while.
I used to joke about being obsessive-compulsive with my smoking. But when I quit – I seemed to have replaced it with sweets and carbs. No more. I eat healthy, I drink water. My mantra – if you will.
No matter how good that queso looks.