I usually prefer Autumn to Spring but….

…did you notice the flowers this last couple of weeks? Wildflowers – – – blankets and blankets of them.
Yellow and gold and blue and purple and red and scarlet and pink and white.
*happy sigh*

Yesterday got much accomplished. Doctor visits. Mechanic. Garden store. Moving. Lots.

First – went to the Dr’s and a GYN. Hooray! Haven’t been to either one since the Girlie was born. They did their usual cervical window cranking and swishy thing (ew) but the doc also talked to me and listened. So I felt much better about being in a soulless-pharmaceutical-driven-PPO-picked Dr.’s office. And btw…did you all know that I am overly stressed and high strung? *grin* Who me? High strung? Really? Is that why I can’t sleep?

At any rate, got that done and then dropped car off to mechanic for fix while I had lunch w/my sweetie. Suzi’s China Grill. It’s not bad – I have had better certainly – but it doesn’t suck and the atmosphere is very nice. They have a little water feature that they’ve enclosed so only people dining in can see it. It’s all empty iron bird and cricket cages and rocks and a waterfall. Peaceful. Mm…and Mimosa Beef w/steamed rice. J was terribly sweet and cuddly too. It was nice to be together and not have to be parents too.
The car was all fixed when I got back from lunch. They didn’t even charge me thousands and thousands of $$s. That was a nice change too.

From there I went on to the Garden store. I *swear* that I only went in for mulch and edging. That’s all. Mulch and edging for my little tree that the stupid kid down the street keeps trying to mow down. He figures that if it’s not taller than a foot, then it doesn’t count as a tree. He also mowed down my scarlet witch and sage from last year. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It had reached about 24 inches. He thought is was some sort of weed. I am SO going to fire him. But, in the meantime I am thinking I’ll put some mulch and red brick edging around my little tree. It’s the one I planted for Summer. Texas Mt Laurel. Or the Grape Kool-aid tree as we call it. But….
The plants in the store were quite naughty and called to me. And I got to thinking that since I was already going to dig up the area around my tiny tree then I might as well put some flowers down too.
I walked out w/white lantanna, orange moss rose, white impatiens, sweet woodruff, cantelope seedlings, spearmint, edging and mulch. I’ll alternate the orange moss rose and the white lantanna around the tree. They grow low to the ground and will look pretty next to each other. Plus, they will attract butterflies.
I think I may well have to suck it up and rent a sod cutter for the weekend, tho. So far, I’ve put in 4.5 little garden plots all by hand (spade and shovel and back breaking work). A sod cutter might well let me skip the yucky part of getting the nasty grass up and outta the way; and let me go on to the fun parts. Namely, digging in the dirt and planting.
But I digress.
So after the Garden store I went back the Madison house and gazed about in dismay at the racks of books, furniture, clothing, computer equipment and baby toys that I still hadn’t packed. And I thought about the kitchen stuff that I need to pack as well – food, cooking equipment, pots, pans, dishes. *feh*
“Fuck it” thought I and called the moving company to come and get it. They have these wonderful fellows who will come and do that for you, I found out. And I had an IRS return just waiting to get spent.
I feel like it was well spent at any rate. Pizza and burly guys to pack up and move most of my heavier stuff. And lo…three burly guys showed up and moved lots of stuff. And it was good. And even better – it highly entertained the Baby. Which is the point to our existence, after all. At least, so far as she is concerned.


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