*yawn* General Update, etc.

I have a new lizard.
Actually, this is the first lizard I’ve ever owned. He’s very sweet and loving. Doesn’t move around a whole bunch. Of course, that may be because he’s actually made of cloth and stuffed full of little plastic beads. But I might be wrong.
What if he gets up to the dickens while I am not here? Does jump down from his little perch on my monitor, grab the velveteen rabbit on his way out and go paint the cubicle red? (so to speak)….
He’s very handsome in a flashy, tie dyed sort of way.

************* bored, bored, bored *********************

The db is down. Cannot run application. Cannot audit bug db. Cannot test. Cannot work. Cannot move. Cannot breathe.
help me…
AKon went very well. Got asked back to help work the Pro Suite again. Very cool. 😀
Plus, I’m supposed to work at AnimeFest in the Pro Suite as well.
that is all.

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