Sleepy Nite Tea is the Best Thing Ever

Just back from my gallivanting about. Facial w/J and then she dragged me off to dinner with some the local polyamorous group.
What a nice lot of folks they are. Or at least by and large.
Unfortunately, the total lack of decent sleep for the past month, stress and it being so completely and nastily humid out of doors robbed me of much of my conversation skills.
Mostly I was content just sitting still and listening to the conversation flow around me. Ah, well.
But I am home now..showered and jammied. I’m sitting in my kitchen and drinking my Earl Gray (decaf – which qualifies it for sleepy nite tea in my book).
For the moment, I am content. Its almost certain that in a few hours my stress will return. But for now – I sit and sip and dream.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Nite Tea is the Best Thing Ever

    1. Funny you should ask….

      Seein’s how I’m a moderator on the Poly Austin eGroup (well, OK–Yahell Groups, now) and our monthly dinner calendar’s posted over there. Go here to join, and you can see where we’re gonna be for a whole month at a time as well as get emailed auto-reminders of events.

      This week the dinner’s at the downtown Mongolian Barbecue, 117 San Jacinto near the Four Seasons and the Convention Center. Our nominal start time is 7:00, but people are usually late so showing up “fashionably late” is OK. Look for the table with Beanie parrots on it, or ask the host/ess which is the Poly Austin table. Next week is our regular First Wednesday at Central Market Cafe North, same bat-time, same bat-passwords. (Unless the weather’s absolutely horrible, the majority insist on sitting outdoors there; if it is horrible, try us upstairs indoors.)

      We’ve also been having a “newcomers” event on first Saturdays at Spider House, which I have yet to get to (the group’s Usual Suspects are also invited, to answer questions and make new people feel less left out).

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