J, the Girlie and I were headed off to work and school, respectively. I was driving. I was in a lane that was quickly turning into an exit only. I looked ahead and it was completley unfinished. All rock, dirt and broken concrete. I tried to brake but couldn’t – the brakes had gone out. It was liking pushing against air. We went over one rise and suddenly we were upside down, doing some mad Mtn. Dew commercial car roll-over. We skidded the last few feet on the roof of the car.

And then we were in either an insurance claims office or a car rental place. They were evidently celebrating something as they had a *huge* buffet table out. It was piled high with cheeseburgers and something that was shaped like Cheese-Poufs – but was colored (and tasted like, my dreaming self knew) Fruit Loops. J, the Girlie and I kept eyeing the buffet table wondering if we could have any of it. And then J got to talking to one of the agents there. He described the wreck in detail. The guy seemed skeptical until J mentioned the lack of brakes. Mechanical failure! The agent and several of his friends decided to go out the site of the accident. They wanted us to come along. I was nervous but agreed to go.
And then I woke up.

One thought on “Aroo?

  1. Hmm.

    Sorry for the bad dream, sugar. 😦
    The first part sounds like pretty standard dream stuff…you find yourself quickly running out of options, with disastrous results. Do you feel that you doing the driving was significant at all?
    And then the second part of the dream, there are people who could help you out of this current crisis (dream helpers). You weren’t sure if you should partake of the free food or not. They thought about not being helpful until the situation was explained clearly, and then they got on it. Not sure about the Fruit Loops, though. 🙂
    Sounds like you’re going to be OK, hon. 🙂 We can talk about this more at home later if you like.

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