*blarg* *splat*… Are you done?…No…*splat*

I sat down last night and made a list of things I want accomplished by this time next year. I started off by trying to make them “reasonable” but soon gave that up. What’s the point of making a wish list if you have to have structure?
I felt much better and fairly accomplished having done that. Just recently, I’ve been in this funk. Not really sure what brought it on. Oh, I have some ideas but nothing solid. Either way though, I am sick of being blue.
However – making the list seemed to help quite a bit. So I narrowed that list down to a goal list. Things that I wanted done in a year or so. It’s a big list. Nothing on it exclusive from the others. In fact, most of it flows together.
Today I am going to take that list and try to sort out the steps to achieve that goal. Right now they seem so huge and far away. I am giong to try to make them smaller — make them in to baby steps.
Not going to look at the big picture and freak. Instead, going to look at a corner of it and go from there.


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