Well, *that* was helpful! *laugh*

A long weekend pursuing goals. And we’re not talking little pansy goals, either. No, no. We’re talking life goals. Family goals. Spiritual goals. Stuff that keeps most sane people awake at night. Stuff that keeps the crazies spinning in place.

J and I are going to pursue college now. We’ve both reached a place in our life where we realize the daily grind of 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday jobs aren’t what we want. We have some ideas – mainly those of becoming teachers (history and math, respectively). We’ve worked in technical, computer type jobs for the last four – five years. We’re done. Completely done.

That being said – the big goal is for J and I to attain our degrees and become teachers. At that point we will choose where we want to live and then move there.


fill out the FAFSA
going to take the TASP/SAT before December.
figure out a school schedule that works with us
both of us are going to take part time jobs that work w/our part time jobs
the Girlie is not going to go to daycare anymore
we’re going to change our eating habits too
meat only once a week or so
organic only
lots of water
no more coffee/soda/tea/juice only occasionally
we’re going to start an exercise program
we’ll start with 30 minute walks every day
and yoga 3x’s a week (fifteen minutes a time)
we’re going to change the house up
convert the garage
setup the gardens
strip out the carpets
fix the fireplace

Those are starting goals – things we feel are doable. We’ll upgrade, or add more as we go on. We are so tired of stagnating.

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