Time for a Switch

Just got back from walking the Trail of Lights with my mother-in-law & child. It was fun. Cold. Pretty. Trying. Loud. Crowded. It smelled wonderful; pine trees, cold air, funnel cake stands, happy people. The dioramas were, eh..ok. Overall nothing spectacular. There were one or two really clever ones. The only one that I could call truly beautiful was the “Snow Queen Castle”. But it scared the Girlie (the music was spooky) and so we left quickly.

We’re home now and everybody is all bathed, warm, pink, glowing. Ready for night-night. The Girlie is snuggied in my bed. She’s actually reading a story to Sully.
It was a good day.
A good day.

I had one of those dreams last night. You know the ones, they run like a Movie of the Week. I don’t remember the details (thanks gods!). Just that I woke up going “Ew, ew” and shaking my head like I had water in my ear. *blech*

I should get up and clean. Do laundry or something.
House-cleaning? pfft. I’ve better things to do!
Today is for massage, making jewelry, reading and writing. Although, at some point during this weekend I must decide what sort of cookies I am going to be making for the Yule gifts.
a) Peanut Butter
b) Choco Chip
c) Ginger-sunflower seed snaps
d) Blueberry Lemon

are the major contenders. If any o’ my readers has an idea – I’m all ears. I’ve also got a 1/2 package of Rollos. I could make some thumbprint cookies w/them.


I’m so…so…depressed? angry? fed up? secretly relieved? a mixture of everything? something completely indefinable?
I don’t know. It boils down to this: we’re too poor for me to take any classes this coming spring. And since I made too much money last year I am not eligible for any sort of financial assistance. So it will be summer, possibly even fall before I am at all able to start school. Another semester opportunity glees by again. I *do* want to start school. I feel like I’ve reached a maturity level that could handle college. I’m certainly bright enough. I guess I will be gearing up for it in summer. 😦

My uncle Jake’s wife of over 40 years has passed away. She died of a heart attack last Thursday night. The funeral was on Saturday. Jake is holding up well. He will be..what? 79 on his next birthday? Maybe 80? He is the eldest of Grandma’s kids. (Mom’s the youngest) Mom tells me that Jake is likely going to move into Grandma’s house now. He’s got nothing really tying him to the place he and Linda shared anymore. And, honestly its just a shack. No insulation at all. Grandma’s house is so snug that a candle could keep it warm. I’m glad that someone is going to be living there. I’ve lots of memories from there. Good ones and bad. It’s not right that it should sit there all alone.

Mom visited Grandma in the home while she down for the funeral. The medications seem to be helping. At least, she was better acquainted with the world around her. Mom tells me that she is probably going to bring Grandma to their house for xmas.

When did my family – my extended family mostly – get so old?

Sturgy was in the hospital. Which is sort of a silly statement as she *works* in a hospital.
But this time, it was because she was having chest pains.
Luckily its not heart related. She apparently has the heart of a twenty year old. (damnit, we told her not to take souvenirs!) She is having esophageal spasms.
I just got an email from her stating that she is fine and that she is now on meds for this.
I’m thinking…there’s medicine for spasms of the esophagus???

Some people call me…..Tim?

Remember my rant from a few days ago? About //bleep//ing idiots falling out of the woodwork?
This is a new one on me..

My name is Tim, My powers keep rising to much. The Beast for we vampires fear so much is inside of me, and I can hardly tame it. I am a vampire, but I can’t control myself. I live in Cedar Park. Not far from Austin. Contact me as soon as you can. Thanks. (sic)

Tim the vampire??
Fear me, for I am TIM!
Oh, ravage me you wonderous beast, TIM.
Mawster Tim

I think that I shall just ignore His Darkness, Tim.

Nuthin to do,
nowhere to go-ohh…
I wanna be sedated!

It’s gonna be one of those days.
I didn’t get to sleep until well into the wee hours this morning. Mostly because J wasn’t home yet. I’d had spiralivy over last night. We spent the alot of the evening re-hashing our scary memories. Silly us. And then the Girlie popped out of her bedroom and scared the hell out of Ivy. She shrieked! I thought I was gonna wet myself she startled me so bad. When she left, I put the Girlie in my bed and tried to settle my nerves back down. J eventually came home and I was finally able to get some sleep. But, then this morning J woke up late and ran out of the house before I’d even properly woken up. There were no coffee filters. There is no cat food. the Girlie didn’t get *quite* over the potty when she tee-tee’d. (she’s 3…She doesn’t piss like grownups yet!)

Now, I’ve got her in the tub. I can see her from where I sit. She’s “washing” her hair by tumping a bowl of water over her shoulder. She’s missed her hair, oh 8 or 9 times by now. But the floor is good and wet. That’s alright. I needed to mop in there anyway. (see potty missing incident in earlier paragraph)

I am going to have a garage sale on Saturday. Finally getting rid of alot of stuff that I’ve been carting around for 10 or more years. I hope the weather improves some. OH! need to remind myself to post in the Austin Community about the garage sale.
Anything that doesn’t sell is going to Goodwill. I think I will get cocoa makings at the store for this. This promises to be kinda fun; in a shivery, brr kind of way.
Today is for pricing, sorting and hopefully sweeping the garage out. Whee!?

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Girlie is off in the living room with a fistful of chalk. I suppose I should be worried. The theme song to “Good, Bad and the Ugly” is whistling through my head.


Mostly I suppose cause it’s playing on my ‘puter right now. *laugh*

Go to http://www.clinteastwood.net/welcome.html for the real audio file of it. Beautiful music. Yeah, yeah…I know. But I LOVE spaghetti westerns. They’re the best!


J is working for a company called “TCT”. I’m ..hm.. Leery of them is the best I can say. He’s been going in twice a week for a couple of weeks now to help with the greeting/whatever in the office. This is on top of the talent scouting that has him out til 2 or 3. Now, to my mind – if he’s not scouting, then he should be getting a base salary for the times that he’s in the office. But, so far no soap.
Scam, scam, scam!!!! (pant, pant, pant)
Alright – so this particular thing drives me nutty. I’m suppose I’m just weird. If *I* work for someone – I expect to get paid for it. No ifs, ands or buts. Personally, I think J is being a marshmallow letting these people sucker him into this. And normally, I would just say – his decision, his karma. But, this is also jacking with our finances. He’s working a second job in the first place because we are behind on all our bills.
I can’t find a job in this town. Plus I’m home with the Girlie during the day. I have applied to all the retail places around here who might be looking for night time seasonal work.
I don’t know; I get the feeling that J thinks its “beneath his dignity” or some such nonsense to work a second job that actually requires labor. That is the only explanation that I can come up with.
…letting go of anger….letting it go….



Now off to clean the garage…Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Generic Journal Entry

Somebody from a credit card company just called. And BOY do they have a deal for me. Now, I explained that I don’t currently have a job. And that I didn’t have a checking account. But, she was pretty hot to send me the card anyway. So I figured, why the heck not? The card won’t be activated until and unless I say so. And if they are silly enough to send a card to me then I guess that they are getting what they deserve.

> no job
> no job prospects
> no bank account
> baaaaaaad credit history



I was dreaming VERY hard last night. I couldn’t remember a lick of this morning, of course. I got up, went to the bathroom and before I had even finished the entire dream was gone (*poof*) out of my head. The only thing that I even vaguely remember was that it had a lot of the flavor of the book that I am currently reading; A Clash of Kings. It’s the second in the Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin.


No yoga for me today. I slept until almost 9 AM — amazingly, so did the Girlie. Of course, she was up until almost 11PM last night. I’m thinking that no nap is probably a good idea for her today.
At any rate – I will try to do some stretches before crashing this eve.


Somebody left a window cracked somewhere in the house last night. It’s damn chilly in here today. And it’s going to take awhile for the heat to catch up to it. At least we got the attic door sealed this weekend.


I’m Day One as of 10:16AM.