Generic Journal Entry

Somebody from a credit card company just called. And BOY do they have a deal for me. Now, I explained that I don’t currently have a job. And that I didn’t have a checking account. But, she was pretty hot to send me the card anyway. So I figured, why the heck not? The card won’t be activated until and unless I say so. And if they are silly enough to send a card to me then I guess that they are getting what they deserve.

> no job
> no job prospects
> no bank account
> baaaaaaad credit history



I was dreaming VERY hard last night. I couldn’t remember a lick of this morning, of course. I got up, went to the bathroom and before I had even finished the entire dream was gone (*poof*) out of my head. The only thing that I even vaguely remember was that it had a lot of the flavor of the book that I am currently reading; A Clash of Kings. It’s the second in the Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin.


No yoga for me today. I slept until almost 9 AM — amazingly, so did the Girlie. Of course, she was up until almost 11PM last night. I’m thinking that no nap is probably a good idea for her today.
At any rate – I will try to do some stretches before crashing this eve.


Somebody left a window cracked somewhere in the house last night. It’s damn chilly in here today. And it’s going to take awhile for the heat to catch up to it. At least we got the attic door sealed this weekend.


I’m Day One as of 10:16AM.

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