I had one of those dreams last night. You know the ones, they run like a Movie of the Week. I don’t remember the details (thanks gods!). Just that I woke up going “Ew, ew” and shaking my head like I had water in my ear. *blech*

I should get up and clean. Do laundry or something.
House-cleaning? pfft. I’ve better things to do!
Today is for massage, making jewelry, reading and writing. Although, at some point during this weekend I must decide what sort of cookies I am going to be making for the Yule gifts.
a) Peanut Butter
b) Choco Chip
c) Ginger-sunflower seed snaps
d) Blueberry Lemon

are the major contenders. If any o’ my readers has an idea – I’m all ears. I’ve also got a 1/2 package of Rollos. I could make some thumbprint cookies w/them.


I’m so…so…depressed? angry? fed up? secretly relieved? a mixture of everything? something completely indefinable?
I don’t know. It boils down to this: we’re too poor for me to take any classes this coming spring. And since I made too much money last year I am not eligible for any sort of financial assistance. So it will be summer, possibly even fall before I am at all able to start school. Another semester opportunity glees by again. I *do* want to start school. I feel like I’ve reached a maturity level that could handle college. I’m certainly bright enough. I guess I will be gearing up for it in summer. 😦

My uncle Jake’s wife of over 40 years has passed away. She died of a heart attack last Thursday night. The funeral was on Saturday. Jake is holding up well. He will be..what? 79 on his next birthday? Maybe 80? He is the eldest of Grandma’s kids. (Mom’s the youngest) Mom tells me that Jake is likely going to move into Grandma’s house now. He’s got nothing really tying him to the place he and Linda shared anymore. And, honestly its just a shack. No insulation at all. Grandma’s house is so snug that a candle could keep it warm. I’m glad that someone is going to be living there. I’ve lots of memories from there. Good ones and bad. It’s not right that it should sit there all alone.

Mom visited Grandma in the home while she down for the funeral. The medications seem to be helping. At least, she was better acquainted with the world around her. Mom tells me that she is probably going to bring Grandma to their house for xmas.

When did my family – my extended family mostly – get so old?

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  1. Types of cookies: some of all the above would be lovely. 🙂 Miniature mango cheesecakes would probably be a big hit, too! Or chocolate. A normal sized cheesecake only costs about $4 in supplies, and you could get 3 minatures out of that. Do you have any ramekins, or teeny oven-safe thingies?
    (not a hint or anything – nope! 🙂 )

    Money: I’m with you. Unfortunately.

    School: I very much wanted to take Art Metals (welding/metal scultpure) this semester…been wanting to for a year now. Can’t afford it. But there’s other things I *can* do without formal education. Like languages. Or sitting down to really research so I can write the darned book.
    I was just hoping for some artistic outlet, especially something involving real destructive/constructive power. Ah well – when I have some cash, I can start in on the shed out back. I just want to finish the inside of the house first.

    Old: Not so much noticing it with my own family right now. But I’m noticing more and more about how precious my own time on earth feels.

    Xmas: get some pics of Grandma Louise! I’ve never seen one!

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