And the damn cough medicine gives me cotton mouth to boot!

I am finally, finally feeling human again. Stoned, stupid human but you takes what you gets.

So I spent the entire xmas holiday in complete denial. “No, I’m not sick – it’s just cedar fever. Allergies.” (insert coughing fit here)
Finally this Monday past my hubs could stand it no longer. Possibly this is because I was keeping him awake at night with the TB ward act. He takes the day off from work and drags me off to see Doc M (our daughter’s pediatrician – because I don’t actually have my own doctor). She informs me that I have a nasty ear infection, a terrible sinus infection, and the flu. Antibiotics, an inhaler and cough medicine are prescribed. whee.
So for the past few days, I’ve been doped up and sleeping on the couch. So if you haven’t heard from me in days and days -now you know why.
Damn,…I’m tired now. Pretty cheesy when typing a journal entry wears you out.
I think I’m off for another nap.

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