Job Interview Yesterday

But it was for a contracting company. Basically I went in and signed paperwork that it was ok for them to send my resume to their client. Whee. An hour and a half of my life gone. Hopefully, said client will say they want an interview. Then if that goes well, I get to do a pee test, and have a background check run on me. I hope I do get hired – I’ve been out of work for so long that my brain feels like its curling up in my head and dying.
Its for more IT work – and really, I’m sick of IT work. It pays though.

I’m looking for a huge (cheap) mirror. I’d like to turn my garage into a dance studio. If I can get the mirror up and mounted, then the rest will follow slowly. It doesn’t have to be pretty in there. Just functional. I get the feeling that it used to be used as an extra room anyhow. The door leading from the house into the garage has a peep hole. I remember our agent telling us that doors like that only had peep holes like that if the house was a rental. *shrug*

Finally feeling better after better than a week down with the creeping crud. I haven’t been in-bed sick for a long, long time. The meningitis two years ago is the last time I was that sick.

I’m off to battle the demons of my tot’s room. I think she spilled milk on the floor. Something smells funky in there. Wish me luck. If no-one hears from me in a few days, send the rescue squad into the Girl’s bedroom.

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