“Mick, Mick…speak English”

I am to rejoin the ranks of the employed tommorow. Doing the thing that I like doing – breaking software. Whoohoo!

Ooh…. wait for it…. “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste. I’ve been around for a long, long year…”
Yeah, it’s *that* kind of day. Suck it up. It’s 30-something degrees outside. I’m being told that my first day of work (tommorow) will be generally crappy and dangerous to drive. Like I’m gonna miss my first day of work just for a little thing like icy road conditions.
It’s not that I mind cold weather. But, this is South Central Texas. It shouldn’t ever be under 40, for chrissakes!

Pablo brought over Cowboy Bebop the other night after the Marvel game. That is a tight bit of animation. I think I’m gonna love it (we only watched the first 1.5 DVDs in a 6 dics series); at the very least the soundtrack is fan-fucking-tastic.


I feel like such a lazy bitch. My house should be much more immaculate than it currently is what with me being out of work for so long. I think about caring…then I say, “nah!” It’s clean – it’s just not Ti-dee.
And I didn’t get all the things done that I wanted to either. I didn’t get the recipe database built. I didn’t get the music put together. The jewelry sutff didn’t get done either. The garage didn’t get re-done either. 😦 I also didn’t get the living room re-arranged completely. sigh Ah, well.

On the other hand, I am about done with the research on the new Herbal class. The rest of the syllabus is coming along nicely. And, I am about two chapters closer to being done with the book. I’ve still Game Synops to write but I may well be asking for help with those. I don’t know that I can manage that and do everything else on my plate.


12 thoughts on ““Mick, Mick…speak English”

  1. {{{{{{{Mare}}}}}}}}}}

    Hooray for creamy employment goodness!

    (And congrats on persuading John to come to a Poly dinner with you. I can guess that’s a big deal for the both of you, although perhaps for different reasons, no? ) 🙂

    1. You missed ice storms? *grin* Oookaaaay.

      re: jewelry
      resorting the makings. trying to get a stockpile put together. inventorying what i already do have. taking some photos of said stuff. 🙂

      I said poly. That looks like its going to Caribbean night; keen! It *is* a tot-friendly night, no?

      1. Well, not ice storms, but cold weather. Was trying for snow but kinda overshot it.

        What kinda jewelry do you make?

        Always a tot-friendly night. Bahama Breeze is really cool.

      2. I’ll say. 🙂

        Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets. Mostly in natural stone;usually strung on a flexible wire (tiger tail or the like). I’ll wear some to the poly dinner, although we may not make the Caribbean night.

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