Brought work home today.


I even sat down with the paperwork and pulled up the scripts that I am supposed to be updating before tomorrow’s 9AM meeting. Something in me snapped though. Instead, I read my friend’s journals. I read some of my favorite web comics. I *lounged* in my comfy desk chair and swilled diet Pepsi. Listened to some groovy music and mused on the past weekend.
I scoff at you evil daemons o’bring home work. I shall do you anon.
For now though, I am heading off to a warm shower with lots and lots of foamy, soapy goodness. Wash my hair. Shave my legs. Rub yummy thyme-currant lotion in. And then maybe a cup of chamomile tea while I read a few chapters in a fascinating book (Fingerprints of the Gods)
I may be slightly behind at work tomorrow. But I’ll bet that I won’t be all that stressed about it.


They are so bad for you. But darn tasty nonetheless. Plus, Diet Pepsi and a bag o’ Cheetos was about all that I really felt like for lunch today. Maybe later I will eat the soup that I brought. But, probably not.

Somebody here at work has programmed their phone with Cartman saying “Respect my Authori-TYE”! every time the phone rings. It adds just the right touch of surrealism to this place.