Adjust Your Veil and Prepare….

What a productive little worker bee I am. It’s an absolutely beee-yoo-ti-FULL Sping day outside. And where am I?
I am at my fucking office trying to figure out a way to make my stuff and the team lead’s stuff match up. She’s testy because *my* stuff states what/why we’re testing (ST1_NT_Drive = Server tier one, NT OS, Drive status; her version is MON011) *le sigh*
I’ve got it figured out. But I don’t wanna be here. I want to be outside pulling up weeds. And never mind that I am still getting over the crud. I can sit down on the wet grass and do it. Oh, well. At least my manager is being nice (i.e,, letting me make up the hours. I would just feel better about it if it weren’t so gosh-darned lovely outside). At least I am making my self happy while I work; I’ve got the Aladdin Soundtrack going full blast in my headset. There’s something fantastic about Robin Williams singing a big show tune. 🙂

Game Day was yestereday. I think it went pretty well all things considered. I’m glad that J is going out with William tonight. I feel bad for him. He really is overall a dandy guy. He’s just terribly unsocialized.

*thought : maybe I should take some psychology classes? Would I be any good as a counselor? hmm..
It would certainly be more interesting in the long run than what I currently do. *

3 thoughts on “Adjust Your Veil and Prepare….

  1. My Productive High Priestess

    I hope you don’t have to do too much more work on weekends–that basically is never any fun. I always dislike my Saturday and Sunday rotation when it comes around. I believe my next one is at the end of the month and the day before my dental appointment and during my fast! What fun!

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