Adjust Your Veil and Prepare….

What a productive little worker bee I am. It’s an absolutely beee-yoo-ti-FULL Sping day outside. And where am I?
I am at my fucking office trying to figure out a way to make my stuff and the team lead’s stuff match up. She’s testy because *my* stuff states what/why we’re testing (ST1_NT_Drive = Server tier one, NT OS, Drive status; her version is MON011) *le sigh*
I’ve got it figured out. But I don’t wanna be here. I want to be outside pulling up weeds. And never mind that I am still getting over the crud. I can sit down on the wet grass and do it. Oh, well. At least my manager is being nice (i.e,, letting me make up the hours. I would just feel better about it if it weren’t so gosh-darned lovely outside). At least I am making my self happy while I work; I’ve got the Aladdin Soundtrack going full blast in my headset. There’s something fantastic about Robin Williams singing a big show tune. 🙂

Game Day was yestereday. I think it went pretty well all things considered. I’m glad that J is going out with William tonight. I feel bad for him. He really is overall a dandy guy. He’s just terribly unsocialized.

*thought : maybe I should take some psychology classes? Would I be any good as a counselor? hmm..
It would certainly be more interesting in the long run than what I currently do. *

This. Is. Not. Funny.

I’m into my …what? second week with my new employer? Yeah, and I’ve now had to miss 2 days due to the creeping crud. Some sort of seriously mojo’d up respitory crap that is currently setting up housekeeping in my sinuses.
Away with thee, foul demons of snot!
Away, I say!

damn, that didn’t seem to work.

I will post more later when I am feeling better. Anyone who wants to can come over and pamper me, btw. Chicken soup, bath salts and back rubs most definitely accepted.