Slackers Unite

Slacker alert..

So yeah, I’ve been a slacker and haven’t read livejournal in a couple of weeks. Nor have I posted in probably even longer.
It’s been a hellish couple of weeks. Mostly just work stuff. (*you* try being in crunch/delivery for weeks at a time and see if some shit doesn’t get sidelined in your life. )
Ahem…so without further ado – the Update.

As stated above I am gainfully employed again. Contractor (read: no taxes taken out) but the pay does not suck. The only bit I am worried about is the whole NO TAXES thing. Mostly because I am math challenged. Simple addition – no sweat. Got a calculator? It’s that bad folks.
It’s a testing gig – so eh; not really what I want to do with my life but its what I know. And let’s not kid ourselves. The job market (for techs esp) in Austin sucks sticky donkey dicks.
I’ve been pondering that whole job thing for awhile now. (Any doubts? Read through my journal)
I’ve bounced around a lot of different ideas — most of them require some sort of degree though. And while I want to go to school – I am fairly positive that I don’t want to go to school for job skills. Does that make sense? Sometimes I feel like I want a degree just so that I can mark that off in my little checkbook o’accomplishment. Or maybe I am so caught up in the whole association of college = smart. Personally, I feel like I could use a boost to my reasoning/thinking skills. I *am* smart. (it was kind of a shock realizing that – but, I digress) However, my logic is often faulty. I’d like to learn how to organize my thought processes into a more cohesive/better focused format.
*shrug* And learning new things is always a bonus.

Things are going OK at home. J and I have been doing pretty good about doing the communicating thing. The fights that we do have are short of duration and generally about stupid shit. Which means that whatever the we are fighthing about isn’t what’s really bugging us. Generally, its whatever stress is currently fucking with us.
My  major problem with J is that he seems too hard on the Girlie. Like he loses his temper more readily with her. Of course, I *am* sensitive to that sort of thing though. I could just be over-reacting to it.

….more later

9 thoughts on “Slackers Unite

  1. I’m glad to see you back in posting land–I have been bereft without you! =) I wanted to borrow Summer’s head earlier today to measure it for the appropriate sized coffee filter. I also think I drove by her preschool today on my way back from the dentist, so I could have stopped and measured her head.

      1. Sorry I Wasn’t There…

        When Jboy picked me up from work last night he was running a fever and complaining of a sore throat. Having recently suffered through a strep throat I took him home, threw him in bed and kept the Girlie (tm, pat pending) out of his hair.
        Poor guy. It does look like it is strep. We’ll know better after this afternoon though – if he’s not feeling scads better I will force him into a lab where they can take a culture of his throat.

      2. Re: Sorry I Wasn’t There…

        Oooo yikes, hope he gets better soon. I’ve been through strep before. Ugh!

        Anyway, there is always next time 🙂

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