And Who With? And How Many Times?


Desperate But Not Serious

if I ask you difficult questions
if I make improper suggestions
would you find that a risk to your health
would you put me up on the bookshelf
with the books and the plants?

desperate but not serious
your kisses drive me delirious

if I were kind and adoring
how would that be? very boring
Mister Pressman with your penknife
always asking about my sex life
and who with and how many times?

desperate but not serious
your kisses drive me delirious

all the advice seems so unkind
“if you don’t stop, you will go blind!”
they tell you it’s none of their business
and console you with a big kiss
on the lips and on the back of your neck
(oh heck!)

desperate but not serious
your kisses drive me delirious
desperate but not serious
your kisses drive me delirious

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing, Cause You Don’t Know What You’ve Got!


randomness; the above letters are the only ones that I haven’t used (to start) as a title for my (and presumably, your) posting pleasure.

Can any of my Gentle Readers think of titles that start with these letters? Bonus points for wit.
BTW…welcome sa I have friended you right back. 🙂


And who’s bright idea was it to take contractors (read: wage slaves) onto a team building exercise? I am going to bill for those hours that I spent on a scavenger hunt, damn Skippy. I don’t *even* want to hear about missing deadlines, either.

OOh, and the boy just promised me (as long as bebesitting can be found) to take me to see Cradle of Life. I don’t care if they aren’t real, Angelina baby! I’ll be your huckleberry! mmmmm….Skingtight. Silver. Bodysuit.

Huh? What ? Did I drift off?

Tomorrow is bellydance. I’ve not had the time to do the practicing that I wanted to do. I think I am just going to have to set aside an hour on a specific day, and call it MINE. So sweetums, if you see this : I will do better, I promise! I shall be the most talented big hipped woman out there.
Heh. At least my arms are graceful!

Well – must fly for the nonce. I suspect that I will be around for a bit tho. Feel free oh, mighty warriors o’the word to message me.

I want to thank everyone who sent love my way during the babbling idiot mode I was in yesterday. I could apologize and say that it would never happen again; but that would be a lie. Until and unless I get my insomnia under some sort of control, it’ll likely happen a lot.
In other news, today was Rammers bday partay. Happy 30th birthday, you are not QUITE untrustworthy (like the rest of us fools!). Yet. We gamed, ate Indian food, gamed some more, ate double choco cake and then for variety, we gamed. 🙂
I had to leave a bit early as I had a class to teach.
So much fun is had by all and just when the Bad Guys arrive to really start kicking some ass, I had to leave.
But I get home and the class just rocked. The girls were attentive, asked really good questions, and much fun and learning occurred.
So now I am off to bed (hopefully to sleep).

Or maybe I’ll check out just ONE more email/webcomic.

Mental note * Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds make me McSick.

I’m such a Girlie pushover.
“Mommy, can we have Ronald Donald?”

Marshmallow! I should kowtow; toe the line; bend to the mega-Mom desires and say “NO! The horror. Did you know they cut down rainforests to feed goldfish to drug cartels?”
Or something like that.
“Can we?”

I’ve got to get this insomnia thing licked. Last night it was damn near 5 AM when I drifted off. Only to be awakened by the alarm an hour later. *argh* Grainy eyed and bleary all through the day.

Please — anyone who wants to massage me, IM me and c’mon over!

Well, not really. Or at least, not completely.

Am I babbling?