I want to thank everyone who sent love my way during the babbling idiot mode I was in yesterday. I could apologize and say that it would never happen again; but that would be a lie. Until and unless I get my insomnia under some sort of control, it’ll likely happen a lot.
In other news, today was Rammers bday partay. Happy 30th birthday, you are not QUITE untrustworthy (like the rest of us fools!). Yet. We gamed, ate Indian food, gamed some more, ate double choco cake and then for variety, we gamed. 🙂
I had to leave a bit early as I had a class to teach.
So much fun is had by all and just when the Bad Guys arrive to really start kicking some ass, I had to leave.
But I get home and the class just rocked. The girls were attentive, asked really good questions, and much fun and learning occurred.
So now I am off to bed (hopefully to sleep).

Or maybe I’ll check out just ONE more email/webcomic.

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      1. Heh, thanks. I wouldn’t mind some student stuff again. I shall work on my long overdue homework. My goal is to have it finished before we start my advanced classes. *grin*

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