Birthdays, Bunnies, Job Searches and Zombie Creeps

Yeah, its been awhile.

Lots of things have been happening around chez Mare.
For example, even though I have been out of work for over a week – I find that while I am concerned about the financial stuff – I cannot make myself care about finding a job. Oh, I’m looking. But not with the vigor of previous job searches. Usually when I find myself between jobs, I turn into this job-search-crazed fiend. Now, eh…not so much. And truthfully? Not terribly concerned about this development either.
I am still looking forward to massage school (which has been pushed back until November due to a variety of issues). Mostly, I think I am just about burned out on Corporate Amerika. Zeig heil to the dollar sign and bend over for your daily ass-rape. Thanks, no. I want work that I believe in – that touches and helps others. Generally speaking, I am not your average crystal-totin’, frizzy-haired shaman of the New Age, the Universe is a kindly place, touchy-feely, fluffy bunny pagan. But I also think that maybe by putting down some of the crap and shackles that I’ve been carrying around for my entire damn life – I can find meaningful work in an apprenticeship of the hands and heart.
I guess maybe I am starting to grow some bunny ears, after all.

The Girl will be staying home with me starting next week. I get to be a SAHM again. (I do this in fits and starts, as the job market in Austin trembles and convulses). While I am glad that I get to spend some serious Girlie time — I am also sad. We’d finally found a school that was really, really good for her. She loves her teacher (Mr. Ray). And he could actually get her to sit down and learn.
My Girl, while incredibly smart and precocious is faaaaaaaaaarrrr more interested in running and playing than learning. Not necessarily a bad thing. But limiting in some ways.
But Mr Ray could get her to be excited about sitting down and doing a worksheet.
Not being able to send her to school (daycare/pre-k)due to lack of $$s is the only real reason that I am seriously concerned about finding work.

Sad, aint it?
In other news – yesterday was J’s birthday. Much sweetness was had as he took the day off and spent it with me. Birthday brunch at Kerby Lane (ehh…not bad) and then we went and saw the Medallion (don’t pay full price for this – no matter how big a Jackie Chan fan you are). Afterwards, we headed to the mall for shopping fun. 🙂 Actually we pretty much went straight to Game Fellas (do not pass Go, do not collect $200). His birthday money got spent on a couple of new playstation games. Master of Monsters (his pick) and Silent Hill, mine. We came home and…
well we didn’t play video games, that’s for damn sure! *wink*

Later that evening, Paul and Lance came over for dinner and we Marvelled (J’s choice of what he wanted to do on his bday–cheap but fun). It was a very good night.

Then, after everyone went home I broke out the new game. Silent Hill is a *fucking* creepy game. I’m barely into it (at the school) and I’m like too freaked to open doors. I open a door, and the weird music swells – along with the radio — and I get surrounded by the demon-kid-zombie-alien-whatever-the-fuck-they-are things and I frocking forget how to shoot ’em. Fuckity! *shudder* I played until 3AM — with the cats snugged up against me for company. I could have stayed up to play more– I certainly was NOT sleepy. But the heebie jeebies took over and I shut the damn thing off.
Yeah, I’ll play it again. But I think I shall be fortifying myself with friends when I do.

13 thoughts on “Birthdays, Bunnies, Job Searches and Zombie Creeps

  1. Hello there. I read you on the Callahanians community, and wanted to say that (a.k.a. Gryphon2 in years past in the IRC Callahans ficton) will probably be starting massage school in November also. Maybe you can exchange some impressions. We are Austinites in exile 😉

    Gryph isn’t exactly a new age kind of guy either, but I think he’ll be a great massage therapist. He looked at three schools in Albuquerque, and ruled out one because it was a little far over on the crystals-and-vibes continuum for his comfort. I think it’s very neat how many people who got smashed by the economy are seizing the opportunity to get out of the rat race and into something that feeds their souls. Go, you!

    1. Hey Thanks!

      ‘preciate the warm fuzzies.

      *waves at the exiles*
      Where’d you trans-locate to?

      I’ll actually be attending TLC (the lautersteind-conway school o’massage) starting November. They *do* perform energy work- but its less of a channelling-the-spirit-of-Ranma and more in line with Eastern chi/methodologies.
      Does that make sense? *laugh*

      At any rate – I’ll be posting my impresions of class, materials, aching feet etc. Stay tuned!

      I’ve been in sw testing for about the last 5 years or so — before that call center/help desk.
      *blech* I’m SO done with that nonsense.
      And yet, I need said type job to support the school. Decisions, dilemmas.

      1. What a very strange world it is…

        Gryph is a software tester, and I am sad to say that he’s been out of work for 18 months now. Hence, the career change. Everybody tells us the economy is improving, so we’ll just hope your job hunt goes a little better than his!

        I understand that TLC has an ~extremely~ good reputation. I’ve pointed your journal out to the beastie, so if a strange gryphon friends you,that’s who it is.

        We’re in Albuquerque (well, technically, in the mountains outside Albuquerque), and there are three main schools here plus a lot of little ones. Gryph is pretty sensitive to energy, so it wasn’t a case of dismissing it all as humbug. All of the schools have some energy work as a component, but the one he decided against was definitely more into fuzzy side of things. My take on it is that once it’s introduced the energy work will either improve with practice or it won’t, but a good grounding in anatomy and technique is probably more important as a foundation. He can always take weekend workshops later, if he finds himself wanting to channel ancient priestesses or something.

        I’m excited for you both, getting to start something new and different!

      2. all manner of strange beasties welcome here

        yep–that and the initial tour of the place is what decided me. As I was walking around I noticed that most everyone was smiling. *shrug* People are generally happy where they are effective, you know?

        My take on it is that once it’s introduced the energy work will either improve with practice or it won’t, but a good grounding in anatomy and technique is probably more important as a foundation.

        My thoughts exactly.
        Its like any other prayer/spell/energy-work … you must help the physical if the spiritual is to be effective. Or, if you prefer — roofing the temple will only do so much good if the foundation’s cracked.

        Albuquerque…I’ve heard that the town and environs are lovely.

  2. Been thinking about going that way myself – into the massage therapy and maybe also getting my aethestician’s license and geting into facials and wraps. I can always fall back on my side waitressing.

    But it requires that leap of faith that’s so difficult to make. Needless to say, I’ll be reading your journal closely for inspiration 🙂

    1. Massage,mmmmmm

      I *was* going to say “creamy-massage-goodness” but changed my mind. 😉

      Watch away, bethie! (insert clever, flirtatious line here)

      Seriously though. From what I have gathered from your lj you would likely make a very good therapist. You seem to have an innate caring for people. Leap doll, leap!

  3. Ooohizntshethecutestlittlefluffybunny!

    Yes! Escape the rat race with me! Come to the Casbah…or the west coast, anyway! I shall feed you dried fruit every day, and worble the wonder of your turtledromes!

    1. *gar* *gack*

      sugar coma!

      Nope -can’t come to the Casbah. Got massage skool to attend.
      You can, however come by anytime and feed me hot chocolate and rub my toes. ANY time, 🙂


  4. Silent Hill

    Ah yes…

    I have to agree with you….

    Fucking creepy.

    Never play at night during a rainstorm. Otherwise, you’ll be getting up every so often to see if any of the zombie chitlins are moseying about outside.

    I got about halfway through it. Trust me, it only gets worse.

    1. Re: Silent Hill

      I finally grabbed the Hubs and made him play some with me. It even creeped *him* out – and he’s generally pretty uncreepable.

      Never play at night during a rainstorm. Otherwise, you’ll be getting up every so often to see if any of the zombie chitlins are moseying about outside.
      Does 3AM alone on the couch count?

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