Ech, I’m all dusty.
Clearing out the book shelves of all the books that I am done with. No more hanging on to books forever. It takes space, creates clutter and frankly – I can use the money from 1/2 Price Books.

I wonder what J would say to clearing out the gaming source books that we aren’t using? He’s sworn to never run or play another DnD game again. That’s worth oh,….eighty shelves of source materials at least. And why we have boxes of Star Trek gaming stuff. *shudder*
And let’s not even mention the gazillion little plastic things that are all about us. *laugh*

I’m going to have the ugly bookshelves clear of all stuff when I am done. If you are in desperate need of bookshelves and don’t really care what they look like then let me know. Otherwise, onto the bulk trash pile they go.
Repeat it after me…I *will* have space and less clutter. I *will* have space and less clutter. I *will* have space and less clutter. (etc., ad naseatum)

Actually, mostly this is for making our place look open and inviting. We are going to try to sell it. I’ll be sad to lose the backyard and the neighbors but damn glad to be out from under the Mortgage From Hell (as administered by the Bank of Apathy). Maybe we can find a nice rental – or finally build the geo-dome of our dreams. I’d rather wait on the dome though. I’m not entirely sure that Texas is where I am going to be for always and forever. I’d rather not build the ‘castle’ more than once.

And now…back to the sal…err..dustmines!

8 thoughts on “

    1. Yeah, I do.
      Now to convince dessiebabee and her husband. And tempest and her family.
      I can live without many things…fine wine (gives me headaches anyway), exotic dancers (my dancing is far superior), and err…bricks. But I can’t live without me Girls!

      Speaking o’which…we need to chat.
      I am no longer in AmTrad. (It’s called Reclaiming my Sanity in A Thousand Easy Steps).
      But…well….call me.

      1. Li’l miss Dessiebaybee did tell me I needed to talk to you and I figgered that mighta had something to do with it. Forgive me for I suck abysmally…I nearly never call anyone; please don’t take it personally. I have a class tonight and a reading tomorrow night…are you home during the day? It’s a lot easier for me to remember to call people form work…

      2. At this time, I can’t relocate to the Pacific Northwest for several reasons: 1)My husband has a good job and it pays more than mine; 2)I don’t have a big and sturdy enough umbrella; and 3)I want to move back to North Carolina, but would accept Georgia and Virginia (above Richmond in Yankee Land) as substitutes.

        I like bricks, though. I want bricks. Give me more bricks!

  1. If it’s not too late, please save one of the shelves for me, and I’ll come by to pick it up either tonight or tomorrow (depending on how long it takes me to find my directions to your place again *grin*). I’m certainly desparate enough, and if it’s really that bad I can always paint it in an unusual colour scheme to distract people’s attention from the fact. 😉

    {{{{{Mare}}}}}} I’m really sorry about being such a dick the other week. I just wasn’t in a very good space at all, at all. Please forgive me. 🙂

    1. RE: shelves
      Come and take your pick then. Summer and I will be home all tomorrow. Call me for directions if you need ’em.

      RE: dick
      yeah, I know doll. Luckily, I’m generally a very forgiving soul. You in a better place?

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