Pay No Mind if You Don’t Game

This is a rant a Marvel character (Sophie) went off on.
I just like the poetry of an ex-stripper telling of a room full of (mostly) men.

Sophie stands and addresses the group around the meeting table.
“My understanding was that Marcus turned it over to Earl, who more or less turned it down to go and join FF. The rest us drifted apart. Some joined KSO while others remained free agents. As KSO members we came under the leadership of Elliot (say it with me now…. Ellll-iiiii-otttttt ). During the raid of the Bad Guy’s Compound of Doom (tm, pat pending) we saved the world, saved some mutants, got to be heroes and caused great mounds of collateral damage. We were in DC to get our reeee-ward when some nutter(s) crashed. As I may remind you – one of those Evildoers had the nasty ability to TAKE OVER MY BODY SLASH MIND AND CAUSE ALL SORTS OF MAYHEM! I got rescued but wound up with a killer of a headache.
Then the proverbial caca hit the rotating blades.
I, personally, believe the *muffled word* bad guys who took over me are the same ones who are currently slinging the mud. KSO is having to go underground. It is our duty — to humans and mutants alike — to track these guys down and whomp them into the ground until they squeal like pigs. Unless I am much mistaken?

*checks the shocked faces of the group*

So now Earl’s been asked back to keep an eye on things – with Elliot to watch over him. He has agreed and I have no problem doing as he says. Unless we have time to sit around here and argue whether who’s in charge or not?

Then I suggest we get our collective asses in gear, stop our nitpicking on who the Head Cheese is and get to strategizing on where we can find the Nasty Skull-fuckers.

(pant, pant, pant)

*looks at Earl and Elliot*

That about cover it?”

One thought on “Pay No Mind if You Don’t Game

  1. “Pretty much,” Elliot says. “Glad you finished ’cause Jeopardy starts in ten and there’s no way I miss my Trebek time.”

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