Getting a week off of school for T-day. I’m not sure that’s its going to wind up being that much of a vacation. We’re driving to Sulpher Springs (where my folks live) for the holiday. That’s five hours from my house. In a very small car. With a four year old. And YES, I am just enough of a control-freak that I have to be the one who drives the entire way there and back. J’s job will be to provide me conversation and do the gas-ups. We’re leaving on Wednesday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. I just have a feeling that its gonna be a loooooooong week.
I have a multitude of things to do; both before we leave and after we get back. And very few – indeed, if any – are optional.
I must get the office cleaned out. I must get ALL the laundry done. I must find a bebesitter for the Girlie during my school hours. I must get things packed together. I must, MUST get my computer back from J’s friend. (he’s only had the damn thing for over 2 months now!) I must get the Yule gifts done. I must find more playdates for the Girlie. I must figure out the financial aspect of the trip we’re going to take — this one and the one in December.
Plus, we’re about to have an anatomy quiz and I’ve got to do what’s called a “private teaching session” with one of my instructors. Basically, this is where I do the Swedish routine (from draping to finish) on a teacher. They critique me — WHILE I am doing this, mind. This is a grade-affecting affair. To say that I’m nervous about this is like saying people need air to breathe. I’m a wreck.
Granted this doesn’t go down until Feb but, that only means that I’ve got 3 months to work myself into a fine froth over this.

On other fronts, the Girlie is doing well. I think she needs more interaction with other kids though. She plays really well by herself but is such a social butterfly. She’s been trying to keep my hours, poor baby. She likes to play next to me while I am studying or doing homework.
J is also doing pretty good; or at least as far as someone who despises what they do for a living can do. Poor guy – he’s committed to seeing me get through massage school but the stress of being THE income for the house is heavy on him, I know. He’s trying to find more work – and we are looking for ways to cut our expenses. We’ll manage. (*hope*)

M also surprised me the other night. After bellydance, she and I had gone out to dinner (per usual). She bought, (what a sweetie!) and then proceeded to floor me. She wants someone to be her backup doula — someone she can call to do/help with a birth if she can’t make it or needs assistance. And she asked ME to be that person.
well, OK! I had daydreamed about going into business with M but hadn’t said or initiated anything in that direction. I am flabbergasted and so damn honored! She indicated that she thought I would do a fantastic job and that she trusted me. You could of bowled me over. I got all weepy (on the inside) but managed to keep it together and not break down blubbering in the restaurant. *THEN* she told me that she would be willing to *pay* for my training as soon as she is taking paying customers. Doula training does NOT come cheaply, m’friends. I almost did break down then. I feel so completely honored by her trust.
When she laid that info on me, well I must have done a pretty good imitation of a landed fish. Once I got my wits back I of course told her “yes!”. On the condition that it be written up into a contract that I would pay her back within the first year of MY paying clients.

So, I have a lot of work ahead of me for the next couple of years — but its steps towards my goal of being a doula and an RMT. I feel that I’ve stepped into an adventure. Its scary, sometimes frustrating and very hard work. But at the same time, its exhilarating and freeing.

9 thoughts on “Gnus

  1. Ooooh, nice froth ya got going, there!

    Heh. I’d actually LIKE to get some feedback from a prof in that kind of atmosphere! Who would know better how I’m doing, after all?

    And… wow, about the other news! Just… wow!

    No going crazy on the road trip! :>

  2. Way to go, you! And don’t worry too much about the critique–you will probably do a lot better than you think you will. And shaking all over is just par for the course–I spent my blue belt test wondering how I was executing the moves while shaking so much, and I passed that. Not that that’s Swedish massage or anything, but you get the drift…

  3. No frothing! Bad for your mental happy.
    It’ll happen, one way or another, if this is whay you want. Relax in that knowledge.
    And know that your faithful cheerleaders are standing by!

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