Analyze this?

Odd dream last night. I can’t quite shake it – it continues to feel real.
In the dream, I was a game designer. I was working on the next comic-book superhero game. My main protagonist for the game was Scorpion (and in my dream he was a cross between Spider-man’s nemesis and the Mortal Kombat fella – only not evil).
We were trying to work out some background details. I kept telling the person I was working with – a friend of mine, Pablo – that the background needed to be ragged. Kind of a soft, rounded anime background. But that the characters needed to be incredibly sharp and detailed. As lifelike as we could get them.
The utility program we were using transported us directly into the game where we were making changes and updating. I kept taking us through a scenario over and over again, trying to get it perfect. The scenario involved Scorpion breaking out of the Really Bad Guy’s compound by busting out of a window and dropping 800 feet to the ground. I couldn’t get the glass to shatter and scatter like I wanted it to.
Pablo and I would pop out of the game, discuss it a bit and then pop back into it. Every now and again someone would come to the office we were working in to hand us memos regarding things the head office wanted to be included.


Steamy shower goodness.
Contented cat snores.
Soft flannel sheets.
Plush Elder gods glaring at me from their corner on the shelf.

Must be getting on towards bedtime in the Mare household.

I have nothing really of substance to write about. Just a general feeling of contentment and peace.
The cynic in me mutters something about it not lasting; the paranoid slice of me is trying to clasp my hands together to keep from writing those words, afraid that I would jinx myself. Why are so many of my personalities gloomy and/or bitchy? Something to ponder on in the deep watches of the night. I can watch the shadows cast by the trees outside my windows and think about the roads I took and didn’t take that brought me here.
But for tonight…tonight I think I’ll lock those gloomy tarts into a box and simply revel in being clean and soft and comfy.

Screw the Hokey Pokey

Having friends is definitely what it is all about.

In the words of somebody or other, its been a long, strange time. Its been fourteen weeks since last I posted. I know. I looked it up. What does that mean in the great cosmic chicken dance?
Well, sit back and lemme tell you.

I will be finished with massage school in about six weeks. Then its on to internship. Whee!
The Girlie shall start kinder-fuckin’-garten mid-August. Rock on, mighty piglet!
My grandfather in law (yeah, it should be hyphenated. Like I care ;0) has been in and out of hospitals for the past few weeks. Our window of opportunity to sit down with him is narrowing. Considerably.
I’ve been in this kind of spiritual chrysalis for a long while now. It started me disbanding my coven. I’m still cocooned. But dim, grey light is starting to filter in.
My relationship with J waxes and wanes. Its kind of exciting in a lunar (and take that in every conotation it has) way.

I’ve borrowed a friend’s computer (thx again P and S!) to do this update so it will of necessity be short.
But I wanted to send a little love and update – like the band only without the rockets – to concerned parties. Someday I shall return to this land of blipping 1’s and 0’s. Very soon.
Until then, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“Sit tight, keep the home fires burnin. And if we’re not back by dawn…call the President.”
– Jack, Big Trouble in Little China