Genral Update and Suchlike

Mother’s Day was *gooood*. I got to play cards and dominoes with a pack of cut-throats. And eat yummy goodness – my mother-in-law sprang for Kobe Steakhouse. The chef spun and clacked his instruments o’cooking doom. Plus he spanked the grill with his spatula. He set random things on fire (including himself) and in general prepared a lovely meal.
The Girlie thought the fire was great but it was all too noisy. Much fun was had.


Almost done with classes at massage school. Aaaaaaaaaaaalmost there. I cannot wait to start my internship on June 4th. (If’n you all want a massage by moi, be sure to ask for me by name – I work the evening shift.)
School’s been fun but the administration details — day/Girlie care and $$s to pay for it all — have been irritating, to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Genral Update and Suchlike

  1. I’m such a sucker for Japanese Steakhouses with teppan style grilling. If I resembled anything so much as a Japanese man, I’d consider a career change!

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