Important safety tip!

If you are using glue pads to monitor the flea issue, please do not leave them where kitties often congregate.

Explanation: We had a flea problem a couple of months ago. Actually, we had a flea invasion. (Our apartment backs onto a very nice little greenbelt. About 10 feet away, the trees start. Our kitties are indoor/outdoor. The weather turned warm and the fleas moved in and shouted “Smorgasborg!!!”)
At any rate, we sprayed and bombed and dipped the kitties and eventually got the problem under control. The apartment complex wanted to monitor to make sure we didn’t need the pest control guys to come back. So we were given glue pads. Glue pads are little trays full of nasty, sticky glue (about 1/4 inch deep). The thought was that the fleas would get stuck as they hopped about and we could get an accurate reading of whether or not our problem was licked.
Until today, I hadn’t really thought about them at all.
Until Grumpy laid down on one.
Ohmigod! Luckily I got to him fast enough that I was able to get it off him without TOO much fur lost. But he was very, very upset. He actually *yowled* – and Grumpy is my strong, silent type. Poor guy.


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