Alrighty Then…Full Steam Ahead!

As I mentioned in my previous post – I am a complete insurance moron. I’ve never really had insurance as an adult so the whole process baffles me.
I was on the phone with the insurance Customer Care folks for Anthem BC/BS PPO and the surgeon I picked for most of the day today. It turns out that if I want this surgery to be paid for by my insurance carrier then I will have to have my surgery scheduled for/before August 29, 2004. That’s less than a month away. But after that, Anthem will not be paying for this type of surgery anymore.
I am of course, going for it. I have no idea if I can get all my little duckies in a row in time to get this surgery. But I cannot…I WILL not sit idly by and let this chance slip by. I feel that this is Deity talking to me – saying “Get up off that couch, Girl and get in motion!”

Wish me luck folks and pray for me. I’m gonna need it.

PS…Serendipitous note of interst: I chose my surgeon because he’s “in network” for my insurance plan and for his location – Dallas, which is close to my folks.
Turns out he is the doctor who performed the WLS on my Aunt Carol a year and a half ago. Yeah, the *very* aunt whose surgery inspired me to seek this out as a possibility.


Extra! Extra! Breaking News on the Mare Front

I’m decided to get gastric bypass surgery. I know that its probably a year before the actual operation is performed but, I am nervous about it.

Now, before my friends all boil over with “no! don’t do it! blah, blah, blah!” I want them to consider the following:

*** Even excercising and being on various diets throughout the last few years, I have consistently gained weight.
*** My past history includes such wonderful things as 12 years of smoking (I started when I was 12) and drug usage. Lots and lots of drug usage, to be perfectly frank.
*** My family medical history falls under “freakishly scary”
*** In fact, let’s recap that history JUST for my dad: morbidly obese (like 350 pounds worth), diabetes type II, hernia from the weight, cyrhosis of the liver (from the weight), breakthrough bleeding in his stomach walls (probably from the weight), CHF (congestive heart failure), high blood pressure, sleep apnea (likely from the weight).
*** This is a decision that I’ve come to after thinking about it for a year and a half. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it since my aunt got it (Dad’s sister – also morbidly obese).
*** I am _morbidly_ obese, according to doctors and the American Health Association.
*** My heart flutters and arythmia over the past two years – while they have indeed mostly abated since I quit my high stress job; I have to wonder whether I would have had them had I been lighter.
*** My BMI is in the scary numbers. And unless I’ve told you personally what it and my weight is – no, they’re none of your business.

I have researched this pretty thoroughly. I already know what the risks are. I also know what the risks aren’t. The surgery itself has become alot safer in the last 10 years. I am ready for it – in fact, if I could afford it I would be strolling into a hospital right now. But I foresee a long and hard battle with the insurance company.
I am asking you now to be supportive in the coming months for me. Please don’t condescend to me by telling/wishing aloud that I would drop this. Please don’t air your objections thinly disguised as “advice”. Respect that I have already thought about this and that my mind is made up.

Thank you.