Good Gnus!

The eye docs called; the glasses are in!!! Yay!

I took the Girlie up to the optometrist last week. I knew that her vision needed to be checked out.

Here’s the scoop:

The ‘kins is “hideously farsighted” (the doc’s words, not mine). She *can* be corrected up to 20/40 however; what’s more – when her vision is corrected her drifting eye/focus comes to dead zero. Which means that she won’t have to have surgery. This was a very real fear as both of her eyes (more pronounced in the left) drifted when she got tired.
Further, the doctor also confirmed that the reason she is having such trouble with letter and number recognition is because she can’t see them. Its hard to know what a letter/number is if all you can see is fuzz. *sigh!* I was starting to get a bit worried by her persistent lack of interest in reading. She likes being read to – she just can’t focus long enough on the letters without her head/eyes hurting. Being able to see without pain is going to make all the difference in her study habits. This is FABU news as she is starting school in August. Getting her glasses now will mean that she will be used to wearing them by the time school starts. That’s the theory at any rate.

Off to pick up ze glasses, Ciao!

21 thoughts on “Good Gnus!

    1. She’s Beautiful!

      She is doing very, very well in them. So far her adjustment is pretty mild. She’s only taken them off once in the 2 hours or so she’s had them. I’m very proud. I ask her “What’s the rule about our glasses, Summer?”
      And she responds, “On our face or in the case! Glasses stay ON!”

  1. Wow. You know, remembering playing with her, that explains a lot. R got her first glasses at about age 5 after putting her mom’s on and saying something to the degree of “Wow, things have outlines!” Yeah.

    1. She looks fabulous and she LOOKS fabulous, if ye ken what I am sayin’.
      Plus – and all my frilly girlfriends should rejoice – they’re PANK!

      1. Really??? *shrieks with joy* It will be SO good to see you, and plus you can meet my not really new anymore girlfriend, and see how big my baby has gotten!!! *bounces*

      2. So will me, Summer, and *hopefully* JOHN 🙂

        *le sigh* Btw..Randalls? yeah, they suck. No more shopping with them, no matter how convenient to my route it was. *grr*

      3. Another Dinner Invite

        And mayhaps some hand n foot?
        We find a fourth and we’re set!

        I’ll make spaghetti, garlic bread, salad.
        But call and find a date with me ’cause with the internship my nights are kinda full. Saturday nights seem to be the only free nights I got.

    1. we think so, yes. I am thinking that her eyes will stop growing when she’s about 12 – 15. So we’ll look into/start saving for it. Might be a nice menarche prezzie, who knows?

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