Update du jour

One more week. One more week. 10 more massages. One more week. One more week.

I figure if I keep repeating it to myself then I will believe it. After this coming Friday, my internship will be OVAH!

I’m both excited and scared. Its a huge leap of faith, attempting to start your own business. I’ve got SO much to do, and it seems like the time is just *streaming* by. But at the same time, this week feels like it might go on forever.

I’ve been playing around with the name “MotherCare Massage” as my business name. I like it. But I think I will only use it in conjunction with my labor clients. So I am needing a name to convey myself as a massage therapist. *thinkthinkthink* (wish I had a Pooh Thinking Place(tm) to do my thinking!)

Peeps, if I’ve ever massaged you and you are creative, PLEASE help me come up with a name for a business. As a favor, please nothing with the words “healing hands” or “wellness”, thanks!

In other news, I got the thumbs up from terriblelynne. She will indeed be moving in at the end of her lease. Yay! I think that this will be a positive thing for everyone involved. So much exciteness there!


Well, I’m off…errands to run today. School supplies and water wings (pool floaties for the Girlie) to purchase. Wheeeee!

PS…..anyone who comes up with a business name that I use gets a free massage. That is all.

7 thoughts on “Update du jour

  1. Hehe I’m looking forward to meeting you tonight. Hopefully I won’t make a fool of myself as I’m going to be drinking for the first time in months. I can’t resist those Trudy’s Mexican martini’s, though. *drools*

    But seriously don’t worry, I can drink quite a bit before it affects me, even those. Have you had them before? If not then you HAVE to try one, although I must warn you that they pack a wallop.

    That’s so cool about you and Terri. 😀 I’m so happy for the two of you.

  2. Heh! Funny how those intern hours drag on and on and … AUGH ALMOST FINISHED! :>

    Congratulations! It really is a big step, but… you probably know by now that you can do it.

    Give your name and number to EVERYONE you massage, from now on… even if you don’t have a business name figured out or anything. Get that word of mouth working for you early.

    Keeping the manipulative appendages crossed!

    1. You’ve got until September. And if you need it, I can always get a larger place.

      ??????? didn’t know you needed an emergency place to say???????????

      1. I don’t NEED an emergency place to stay. It’s just always nice to have one in back-up. =) No, nothing is wrong. It’s MY room!!!!! 😉

      2. You sound terribly like the King of Ireland (ala Braveheart.

        “Its MY island!”

        *laugh* Alrighty then. Just keeping abreast of things.

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