More Gnus!

Oh, I’m tired. I was awake all last night (til five AM) and got up with the Girlie this morning at 8. Then off to internship! Whee. But I’ve only three more massages to go tho and I am through with internship.


Notice to all my Austinite type friends:
I am helping with a Peace Celebration at the Unity Church of the Hills tomorrow. It will be at 7PM in the foyer of the church. The official explanation sez

“The Maya culture points to a very particular date, December 21, 2012 calling it “The Closing of the Cycle” or the “Great Shift” …
July 25, 2004 is called the Day Out of Time … and was prophesied as the beginning of the shift. It is the 365th day of the Mayan year – a day for forgiveness, freedom and a celebration of natural time.

We call on you to join in a celebration of peace in the shift away from the old ways of seperation toward the vision of oneness and peace. We ask you to write a personal intention to be offered to the Fire later (that night). This can be a prayer or a promise which comes from your heart.”

I will be one of the speakers in the circle. (I have a very limited segment – like 1 minute). But I am inviting you to come and join in our prayers for peace.

This is for SATURDAY not Friday as this appears to be. I was very tired when I wrote it. My bad.

6 thoughts on “More Gnus!

  1. I won’t be able to attend tomorrow, but I am vaguely curious about this Unity Church thingie. I’d like to join you sometime if the Druids haven’t already absconded with me for the day…
    Oh yeah…and when do you want to see Anchorman? *grin*

    1. Anchor-Church…Errr..Reverendman…Hmm..

      Anchorman..prolly not this weekend as its shaping up to be a doosie. Unles we go Sunday night. In which case John might want to go as well. 🙂

      Unity is lots of fun. I thought I would hate it -esp. give my background. But they are really into letting folks do their thing and working towards their will. Which I appreciate. As does Clover, as a matter of fact. She’s part of the congregation too.
      We generally go to the 11:30 service on Sunday mornings. After, we go to lunch as a large group. You are most welcome to join us one Sunday if’n you like.

      1. Re: Anchor-Church…Errr..Reverendman…Hmm..

        Sunday night is a maybe…I only have tentative plans. Give me a call?

        Oh my. I haven’t seen Clover since I, um, stole her girlfriend.

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