Mommy Mauderings

We’ve been teaching the Girlie to swim since the weather got warm enough. I had no idea that teaching her would be this difficult. Its not that she’s afraid of the water. I could almost deal with that. It’s that she has absolutely no fucking fear at all.
Picture this: She’s got on a snorkelling mask. One of those masks that fits over both the eyes and the nose. She’s wearing this and her little pink waterwings. And DIVING into the deep end of the pool.
When I swim up next to her – not touching, mind just in arm’s plucking reach – she giggles like mad and pushes off me with her little feet, heading for deeper water. Nevermind that she cannot really swim well (read: at all).
She’s bound and determined to take the wings off, too. She doesn’t feel like she needs them. Indeed they are apparently holding her back from her Esther-Williams like glory.

That’s my Girl. Fearless and a bit of a show-off. Gods how I love that kid.

2 thoughts on “Mommy Mauderings

  1. Maybe she’s one of those who naturally takes to water. If I may offer some advice, tell her that you’ll only take off the water wings if she promises to stay in the shallow end for now. Tell her that she can’t go in the deep end until she has shown that she can hold her breath and swim under the water without the snorkel, and until she can keep herself afloat on the surface without the aid of wings or her feet touching the bottom.

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