I’ve been away for a week. And what an exciting week it has been.

Lessee….let’s start with the Girlie. As most everyone knew – her birthday was on the 30th of July. She was turning five. For her birthday we had been planning on going to DFW to visit with her Nonnie and Poppy. My folks. We were going to leave on Friday afternoon and come home on Sunday evening.

So I spent most of Thursday doing laundry and getting our things ready for the trip. I also spent Thursday on the phone with with the insurance company and the surgeon’s office, trying to figure out what they needed, would need, what hoops I would have to jump through.

One of those hoops was a seminar at the surgeon’s office. There was an opening for Thursday August 5th, would I be able to make it? Of course I said yes. I arranged with my parents to stay the entire week. Unfortunately, J would have to go back on Sunday evening because of work. But he could (and did) take that Thursday and Friday off.

I stayed the week with Mom and Dad. It was a tense, strange week. My parents and I don’t normally get along. Or to be more precise, my Dad and I don’t get along. He and I just irritate each other like no one’s business. Plus I was on edge from anticipation, so that didn’t help.
However, the Girlie had a fantastic birthday. Everything was pink. Her prezzies were gift wrapped in pink paper. The cake had pink icing roses. The decorations were shades of pink. Pink is apparently her signature color. *laugh* It looked like the house had been hosed down with Pepto Bismol. She had a ball. And she swam and swam and swam. She’s like *this far* from being able to swim without her floaties now.

At any rate, things went along and went along and *finally* it was Thursday morning. J and I got up butt-early that morning and headed off for Dallas, the Methodist Hospital. We had to be there at 8:00 AM. Ick. Mornings are not my best times. But we got there and got situated.

The seminar wasn’t bad. A little boring but otherwise OK. Maybe it was because I was SO sleepy from being up that early that I was nodding a bit. Maybe.
We (the group and I) saw the nurse who talked to us a bit about what to expect prior to the surgery and the day of. She also rambled a bit about some of the hospital’s amenities for those who would be having folks stay with them there. Then we had a nutitionist talk to us about the ramifications of the surgery on our bodies and our diet needs. Lots of protein is the big thing. Lastly an excercise fellow came in and talked about what we could and could not be doing immediately post surgery. For at least six months no yoga or pilates. Damn.
Truthfully, the excercise guy could have shown up for like 10 minutes and be done. I would have rather talked to the nutritionist or the nurse more but, hey! You takes what you gets.

After the seminar part, which lasted from 8AM til 12:30PM, we were released into the wilds. Lunch in a hospital cafeteria. Joy. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all. J and I had packed sandwiches so we just grabbed drinks and sat down. At 1:30 we had to be back in the waiting room where we would wait to chat with the surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez. And we were. And we waited. A loooooooooooong time. Like 2.5 hours. Finally, it was our turn. (we wound up being second to last to talk to him)
But when we got our chance, he was very pleasant. A bit taciturn but perfectly willing to answer my laundry list of questions. I had 23 of them which he went through and answered, writing down his answers on my little pad of paper for me. He strikes me as a very stern person who likes to laugh. Oxymoronic, I know but there you are.
We probably talked to him for about 20, 25 minutes. Then we went out and waited our chance to talk to the insurance lady, Melva. She was very nice as well. A bit soft spoken but obviously extremely competent.
She stated that she didn’t know if I would be able to be covered by the insurance because of the extremem short notice. For those of you just tuning in…If I am to have this surgery and have it be covered by the insurance company, it has to be done by the 29th of August. Yeah, three weeks away! Whee.
I told her to just go for it. I didn’t have any medical files with me as I have not ever been under the care of a PCP during my adult life. Plus a few other things were missing. Let’s just say that Melva was *very* skeptical about the carrier covering it. But she agreed to do what she could. I gave her the name of the Customer Care Rep that I had been in contact with and then left.

J and I headed home the next day (Friday) – it was a standard return car ride. Overall, the whole trip had been relaxing and fun. But very exhausting. I went to bed fairly early last night – like around 11PM. And I slept pretty good (for me) with only 3 wake up/dozing type sleep episodes. I was *still* sleepy when the phone rang at 9:23 AM this morning, waking me up.
It was Melva. She said that the insurance company is going to cover my surgery. Its scheduled for August 27th.

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  1. So exciting! I hope insurance comes through for you. 🙂

    A couple words of pre-op advice:
    1) Start walking now. Try to get up to 1 mile a day if you aren’t there already. It will help with your recovery.
    2) For when you go in to get this done — do you have long hair? If so, get someone to braid it for you. I’m not talking 1-2 braids, I mean the little, tiny braids all over. Yes, you might think you look funny, but it is worth not having your hair tangled all over. It took me a good 2 days to get the knots out of my hair once I got home from the hospital. You know what they say – hindsight is 20/20. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the advice, it seems very sound. And not terribly hard to do. I *had* already increased my physical activity because I’m teaching Summer how to swim.

      I’ve shoulder length hair. I will chat around and see if I can get a friend to braid it up for me. When I had Summer my hair (which was *much* longer then) got completely snarled. I’ve got that lovely silky hair – which means it knots like you wouldn’t believe, esp. if I get sweaty.

      1. I have the same kind of hair. Just look at it right and it knots on itself.

        I didn’t know you were teaching Summer how to swim. Yes, that is going to increase your physical activity. Excellent cardio workout. 🙂

      2. Oh my yes. Summerkins is an ACTIVE little girl. I think the only reason I don’t weigh more than I actually do is because that child never slows down. She plays until she falls over in place. Literally. I put her in bed at around 830/900 PM – and she sits up in her bed and “plays quietly”. Which means that whatever story she has ongoing in her little head continues until her eyes slam shut.

  2. Pink is apparently her signature color. *laugh* It looked like the house had been hosed down with Pepto Bismol.

    As long as no one referred to the colors as blush and bashful 😉

    Wow – that is a fast turnaround for WLS. But once you decide what you want, and can get the approvals, why wait?


    1. As long as no one referred to the colors as blush and bashful 😉

      Hey SOMEBODY got the reference! *laugh* Its one of my favorite movies. My daughter is a super-Grrl. She likes all things fairy and pink and Barbie. She also thinks Spiderman is way cool and that Godzilla got a raw deal.

      I shan’t wait. My only concerns are a.) getting the pre-op appointments taken care of in a timely manner and b.) paying the co-pay/deductible. Other than those things, should be good to go. At least, according to Melva.

    1. It was. What was more informative was the pile of paperwork and the gigant-o binder of data that they send home with you.
      It has EVERYTHING in it.

      Cross toes too! 😉 If I can figure out how to do it, I shall be scanning in pictures of the post-op months. Kind of a year long update on my condition.

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