Boss, Boss! De plan! De plan!

Yeah, ok. That was bad. But it was fun!

At any rate, the plan in toto for next week stands thusly. Ready?

This weekend J is supposed to head off to the Farm (where the G-‘rents live) and pick up one of their recliners. This is so that I will have a place to sleep that won’t cause me to go, “zzzZZ-OUCH! Goddamnit!”
I have insomnia probs as is. I *don’t* need any more, thankyouverymuch.

Wednesday night : leave the Girlie with a friend to watch her while J drives me up to DFW and drops me off. He will then immediately turn around and come right back home to Austin.

Thursday : J and the Girlie have a normal (if Mommy-less) day/night. I will go to my pre-op appointment and hang out at the ‘rents house.
J gets to go the Parent’s Orientation meeting at the Girl’s school. I hope he takes notes. I will be doing right nasty things with something called Bowel Prep. I shudder to think what that might entail.

Friday : J & the Girlie have a normal morning/day. When J picks her up from school he will then wait a bit until MIL picks her up for the weekend. Theywill get to go the Welcome to School Dance Friday night. J will be heading back to DFW as soon as he hands over our kidlet to MIL.
Meanwhile, that morning (or the wee hours of the night depending on your POV) I will be heading into the hospital for my surgery. Surgery, as I’ve said, is scheduled for the morning. I’m pretty sure my Dad will be in the hospital for when I wake up in the recovery room. Maybe my Mom if she can get some time off from her new job (read: not likely).
J arrives somewhere in the evening. Maybe the night shift nurses are nice enough to let him come see me.

Saturday Ouch. Squeeze the morphine button. Ouch. Squeeze the morphine button. You want me to walk? Fine. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

Sunday Lemme outta here! Our hope is that I will be released back into the wilds Sunday afternoon. J will then drive me home, slowly. Get me home and comfy and then go pick up the Summerkins.

He has taken the week following my surgery off. So I should be fine.

EDIT:My Mom is flying me up to DFW to save John that horrendous drive. Yay, MOM!

15 thoughts on “Boss, Boss! De plan! De plan!

    1. I hope so. She loves her some Grammy, that she do. So that should be alright. But I’m like her personal jungle gym.
      We’ve been trying to explain that when I come back from the “special shots” (not exactly sure how to explain lap RNY to a 5yo) that she has to be extra careful about my tummy.

      She’s actually a pretty empathetic little girl. Yesterday for example, while I was on the couch with my earache she came and put one of her little doll blankets on me so I “wouldn’t get cold”. I figure once she realizes that Mommy is hers to nurse back to health (with her Jr Doc kit, no less) she will simply take advantage of a good thing. *laugh*

      1. Mommy is hers to nurse back to health

        LOL. I’m pretty sure that approach will be a good one to get her into the “Mommy is not currently a jungle gym” mode. And she has Daddy to roughhouse with.

      2. The only thing I’m really worried about with Summer is her tendency for “high impact love”.

        And whether or not this ear infection will EVER, sodding GO AWAY!!!!

        *pant, pant, pant*

      3. With a lap RNY, you probably won’t have to worry as much as if it were an Open RNY. Mine was open, and the cub was about 4 at the time. He was very careful around me, but I was feeling particularly well one day and lifted him up when I gave him a hug. Gave myself a hernia at the belly button.

        So no lifting until your doc says so. I’m sure you know that already though. 🙂

        Wow, your surgery date is coming up soon! I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Keep us all posted on your progress. 🙂

      4. I know. Plus I have the worry-husband. He’s like a worry stone only when you rub…nevermind! *laugh*

        No, I won’t be doing anything contra-indicated on the surgeon’s list. I suspect I shan’t *want* to. Summer is five – and a big, healthy five at that. She can come snuggie next to me on the couch.

    1. Thank you doll. I appreciate the warm fuzzies. Here’s looking forward to painless and thanking gods that my brochure says “Dr. is very generous with his pain meds”. I don’t do pain well. Call me a weenie, but there you go.

      Yup, I loves me some ElfQuest. Been a complete nutter for them for a long while. Yours is *right* pretty!

      And for your viewing pleasure…Winnowill. For when I’m feeling evil.

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