Previous days update

August 26th
Clear liquid diet; in the hospital for pre-op appointments. Whee! Too much fun. Midnight tonight starts the fast for surgery tomorrow.

August 27th
Had surgery at noon. Woke up in recovery room in SERIOUS pain. Convinced the nurse that morphine was a bad idea as the thought of vomiting (morpine makes me right nauseated)and that Demerol was a much beter idea.

August 27 – 29th
Recovery in the hospital

August 29th
Attempt to return home. Stop in Hillsboro because I am in extreme pain. Cannot breathe well; feels like there is something stuffed up under my ribcage. Am convinced that it is some sort of bowel obstruction.
Wind up calling Dr Rodriguez from a hotel. He asks me if I have been drinking my water/eating my protein. I’m a little taken aback as I’ve just left the hospital THAT day but tell him the truth. No, I haven’t had much in the way of protein. He tells me to get some laxatives and some Gas-X to see if that relieves the problem – if they don’t I am to go to a local emergency room and seek help there. I agree and J goes to the local Walgreens to pick up the items. Neither of these items help. Finally, I go the Hillsboro emergency room. They take my medical history, get my vitals, talk to me about the symptoms, take blood and X-rays. Finally, they call Dr Rodriquez and tell him of their findings. I am shipped back to Dallas via ambulance. I have pneumonia and a lung that’s collapsed slightly. I reach Dallas Methodist Emergency at around 4 AM and was admitted to a room at 5 PM.

August 30 – September 1
Hospital stay far from family and loved ones. No visitors, no calls.
In other words, Hell.

September 1
Around 2 PM Dr Rodriguez agrees to release me from the Lower Pits. Dad comes to get me and John drives up from Austin to retrieve me from Dallas.
We head home around 7PM that evening. Trip is much easier this time as I am able to breathe and function. Yay! Home again, home again!

September 2 – now
Home recovering. Getting better every day. Feel stronger every day. Not quite bouncing and poinging – but feel like I may be able to again soon.

29 thoughts on “Previous days update

  1. Oh my. I’m glad they got you back into the hospital! Who’da thunk you had pneumonia? Scary, that.

    I’m sure you’ll be bouncing and poinging in no time. How are things? How goes the “head hunger” issue? Do tell, as I’m about six weeks out at this point, and starting to be excited/anxious.

    1. Lemme tell you, the ambulance ride was NO picnic. Strapped in backwards, going 90 miles an hour down the worst part of I-35. Yuck.

      Things are going pretty well. I am not hungry really, except I have this urge to CHEW something. I haven’t had solid food in about 2 weeks now. And J has been grilling steaks (gifties from the folks!) all this past week.
      I think I would commit sin for something to chew on. 😉

      1. Snicker…

        I think I will wait for a challenge for a wisecrack. THAT one was just too easy…

        Glad to hear you have…ummm…sorta…gotten…ummm… Nevermind. You are better. That is all the matters.

        Keep us posted.


      2. Re: Snicker…

        Nope, no challenges here.

        I’m getting better everyday, hon. Healing takes time – or so I’m coming to understand. Can’t just leap up outta bed the day after surgery. In fact, can’t just leap up outta bed the days after surgery either.

        I’ll keep you guys posted. Mwah!

  2. I tried calling with no answer…thank you for updating on your wellness…as parsing out what happened to you from ag was not really helping ease my mind. i wish you speedy recovery hun…talk to you soon

    1. Thank you for the call – I must’ve been out of the room on a ramble or something. The nurses encourage you to ramble as soon as you are approaching consciousness.

      And thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  3. Yipes! I’m sorry you had such a rough time of it, but it sounds like you’re on your way to recovery now. It’s so good to see you back here!

  4. That is the best news. I was just telling someone that I was worried because we knew you were taken back to the hospital and that was it.

    Please rest and get better so that much fun can happen soonest.

    1. Thank you honey. I updated as soon as I could reasonably sit in the computer chair. Luckily for me, it was mostly laproscopic so I don’t have a HUGE incision to worry about.

      Looking forward to fun and frolics!

  5. I am SO glad to hear you are feeling better. *HUGS*

    August 30 – September 1
    Hospital stay far from family and loved ones. No visitors, no calls.
    In other words, Hell.
    If I had known I would have called you. 😦

    1. No worries. As I remember (and am reminded!) I did have a phone call or two. It just seemed like I didn’t. I hate being away from my loved ones; my family, my friends. I had some pretty terrible moments of homesickness for a while.
      But I am returned to my town and into the arms of the people I love. I am refreshed and renewed.
      Or at least, well loved 😉

      1. LOVE the Weird Al icon. 🙂

        I’ll post tomorrow when I schedule surgery. I could probably use some help and company after the surgery. Will let you know.

    1. *smile*
      Thank you, btw. And for the reminder. I had some pretty awful homesickness – being away from my Summer, my John and my friends. Not my idea of a good healing place.
      But am home now – with Cookie Monster and Dick & Jane – and am feeling much better.

      Thank you, sweetness!

  6. Thank goodness you’re all right. I was just checking your LJ the other day for updatey type stuff.

    Too bad you got sick, but I’m hoping for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted, okay?

    1. That is the story – stripped down to its bare essences of course. But in all, its most of the important bits.

      I’m just relieved to be home and on the mend.


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