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What a long weekend.

J’s grandfather is very ill. Very, very ill. Its bad enough that the doctors informed the family that he had about 72 hours to live. So we packed up the car and headed down to Brownsville so J could make his farewells.
Brownsville is on the very southern tip of Texas, btw. Its about a 6 hour commute from where we live.
We left about 730PM Friday night. I drove until we got to 77, then turned the driving over to J. Ya’ll must know how much pain I was in to let him drive. At night. ::shudder::
He didn’t do too badly, I must say. He knows that his driving makes me nervous as hell and went out of his way to keep me calm. We made a couple of stops so we didn’t actually make it to the house until 3AM.
After some brief confusion we sorted out where we were going to stay (the house was packed full of family so we opted for a motel down the road).

At any rate, we were there all weekend. I didn’t know the man so mostly I kept out of the way and tried to make myself as useful as possible. I did get to meet that branch of the family so that’s all good. I wish it had been under better circumstances though.

We drove back yesterday – getting home around 5:30 PM or so. I didn’t get to drive at all thanks to a mistake with food the day before. I was still on narcotics (read:pain medication) so J wouldn’t let me drive. Chicken!


Alrighty people, pray/send energy/do a dance/whatever for me today. I’ve got a job interview (a real job! with money! and benefits!) for a software testing gig. We desperately need the money so if ya’ll think about it – the interview is at 1:00 PM.

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