The fire alarm is giong off.


I call the office a bit alarmed and it turns out its the alarm for the building. So I am gathering things up and heading for the door. Just as we hit the front door, the alarm stops.

I popped my head out anyway and see one of the maintenance guys standing outside. I ask him if there is actually a fire and he shrugs.

This is NOT reassuring.

I’ve popped a stitch. Somehow I’ve poppped a stitch. Well, either that or I got a blood blister that popped. Its right under my left breast – and it also looks to be infected.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln….

To be perfectly honest, I am in a fantastic mood. I got so much done today. I went and got my dba for my massage practice. I ordered some first run business cards. I’ve been looking at space to setup shop. My hope is to find a doula and go into business with her; sharing office space and working on pregnant clients.


I’m a redhead again. It was an accident though. I was aiming for a mahogany. Apparently the spirits decided that I look better with dark red hair with copper streaks. Its kinda cool looking; I may or may not keep it. If someone comes up with a digital camera – I’ll post piccies.


The hair dyeing was in celebration of paying off massage school today. I paid them off and took all my paperwork over to the Dept of Health offices. Whoohoo! If all goes according to my plan, I shall be a legal massage therapist in about 3-4 weeks. AND hopefully will get to take the boards in January as I first hoped. *sproing!*
Physically, I am feeling better. I think I could do 3 massages a day now. I’ll have to see. Any volunteers? *laugh*

I am SO looking forward to being able to contribute in a financial manner to this household. I hate feeling useless. And since my surgery, that’s what I’ve felt. Not terribly useful. I know its mostly in my head but there you go.


Sprang a surprise on the kitties by giving them gooshy-food (as my favorite online cats call it). Little did they know it had their medicines and such in it. They sucked up their Fancy Feast like there was no tomorrow. Greedy buggers.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to take the Girlie rollerskating. She’s never skated and I don’t think I have in about 15 or more years. Hopefully, my ankles won’t snap under me. Other than limb-fear, I am looking forward to the excursion. If I could I’d dress us in matching roller-derby outfits. But I don’t have any pink satin.

The Girlie is on the back porch playing – something to do with one of her babies, her pretend food and an epic poem of her own making. It involves most of her toys from her room. She assures me that she knows what she is doing and that she is willing to pick up after she is done. I’ll believe that when I see it, methinks.
Oof, I ate too fast or something wrong for lunch. My tummy has been all kinds of pissed off with me today. Enough that I don’t wanna drink anything for fear of setting it off. One visit to the altar o’porcelain is enough, thanksverymuch.
Not much to say really – just wishing for some sort of work to take up my day. I hate being bored. Hatehatehatehate it.
I want my massage school paid off. I want to go to college. I want paying customers. I want to not sit in the house with nothing but housework and childcare to do. I am NOT fulfilled as a SAHM. And I’d like to contribute to lessening our financial burden.

silly im conversation combo no. 5
Fox: Hi
Me: hey sexy – what’s shaking in DFW?
Fox: Me.
Fox:  *twitch*
Fox: Been a UBER *censorced* day
Me: Oh, dear. Sorry. Angry or sad or some ripping combination of both?
Fox:  Stressed at work, working my tail off…
Me: Yikes!
Fox: Ya…two VIP customers calling me every little while, techs asking me silly questions, admins breaking servers…and darn it, no one will let me sacrifice a customer to Cthulhu
Me: *snicker* I hear an Almond Joy and a Jolt soda do wonders to appease the Elder Gods.
Fox:  Nah, I want blood to give.
Me: Chicken or human?
Me: Would Col Sanders count as both?
Fox:  *laugh*

J’s home. He got home around 5 or so looking tired and sad. He told me the funeral was packed. A full Catholic rite in a standing room only church. The actual burial was done with full military honors; a twenty one gun salute, a color guard, etc. Pretty much the entire older Hispanic population of Brownsville turned out according to the family. Chacho was one of those people who reached out and helped anyone and everyone. His life was one of open-handedness and kindess, I am told.

Nena is holding up well. I suppose it “helps” that Chacho was ill for so long. Rick (J’s stepdad and Chacho’s son) broke down during the ceremony and J helped him and held him. I hope this leads to a greater mutual respect and caring for each other.

I am left with a profound regret that I never got to really talk to or get to know Chacho. He was a unique person and had one of those lives that people will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

Godspeed Chacho.