The Girlie is on the back porch playing – something to do with one of her babies, her pretend food and an epic poem of her own making. It involves most of her toys from her room. She assures me that she knows what she is doing and that she is willing to pick up after she is done. I’ll believe that when I see it, methinks.
Oof, I ate too fast or something wrong for lunch. My tummy has been all kinds of pissed off with me today. Enough that I don’t wanna drink anything for fear of setting it off. One visit to the altar o’porcelain is enough, thanksverymuch.
Not much to say really – just wishing for some sort of work to take up my day. I hate being bored. Hatehatehatehate it.
I want my massage school paid off. I want to go to college. I want paying customers. I want to not sit in the house with nothing but housework and childcare to do. I am NOT fulfilled as a SAHM. And I’d like to contribute to lessening our financial burden.

silly im conversation combo no. 5
Fox: Hi
Me: hey sexy – what’s shaking in DFW?
Fox: Me.
Fox:  *twitch*
Fox: Been a UBER *censorced* day
Me: Oh, dear. Sorry. Angry or sad or some ripping combination of both?
Fox:  Stressed at work, working my tail off…
Me: Yikes!
Fox: Ya…two VIP customers calling me every little while, techs asking me silly questions, admins breaking servers…and darn it, no one will let me sacrifice a customer to Cthulhu
Me: *snicker* I hear an Almond Joy and a Jolt soda do wonders to appease the Elder Gods.
Fox:  Nah, I want blood to give.
Me: Chicken or human?
Me: Would Col Sanders count as both?
Fox:  *laugh*

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  1. my mom had the surgery. when her stomach gets upset (and it’s so easy at first to over-eat) she sucks on ice. the cool water makes it better.
    also, at first she couldn’t eat certain foods very well until her stomach healed up. Things like salads and spicey stuff.

    1. thank you! I had had some chicken salad (soft) w/saltine crackers. I think it was the crackers that my tummy objected to. That seemed to be what I threw up the most. (sorry for the TMI)

      1. it’s ok, I have a strong stomach.
        try over-chewing your food, leaves less work for your stomach and also makes you feel fuller on less.

      2. I generally chew things down to applesauce consistency – but I think I got distracted and just inhaled them ala pre-surgery days. Lesson learned, lemme tell you.

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