I’ve popped a stitch. Somehow I’ve poppped a stitch. Well, either that or I got a blood blister that popped. Its right under my left breast – and it also looks to be infected.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln….

To be perfectly honest, I am in a fantastic mood. I got so much done today. I went and got my dba for my massage practice. I ordered some first run business cards. I’ve been looking at space to setup shop. My hope is to find a doula and go into business with her; sharing office space and working on pregnant clients.

11 thoughts on “

    1. *snort, giggle* Yep, you’re right.
      One day I’ll post all the buttons that a friend of mine and I used to make and sell (her mostly). They’re fantastic little sayings like

      “Do you fuck, suck, take it up the ass or am I wasting my time with a Jesus freak?”

      We used to sell them at pagan events. 🙂

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