Pronunciation Key (hônt, hnt)
v. haunt·ed, haunt·ing, haunts
v. tr.
1. To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being.
2. To visit often; frequent: haunted the movie theaters.
3. To come to mind continually; obsess: a riddle that haunted me all morning.
4. To be continually present in; pervade: the melancholy that haunts the composer’s music.

v. intr.
To recur or visit often, especially as a ghost.
1. A place much frequented.

When I was a kid I spent summers with my Mom’s Mother; Grandma N we called her. She had a little house out in the country, in Palestine, Texas. It was a great old house. It had 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a living room. The only hall in the house was the one connecting the living room to the main bedroom that the bathroom was located off of. The back bedroom was also the sewing room and had 2 beds in it. This was where I spent the night when I was staying there. The house was also in my opinion, pretty well haunted.
I had several really bad dreams as a kid there. I also remember being both repelled and drawn to the back bedroom.

One of the dreams that I had was one that would recur for the next 10+ years of my life. It was a black and white dream, which was unusual as I generally dream in Technicolor. At any rate, in the dream I would wake up in a bed. The bed was not unlike a hospital bed in that it had side rails that were raised (one one side). The room the bed was in was one of those odd dream rooms where the walls, ceilings and floor aren’t really there but are. In the wall facing the bed (at the foot) were 2 doors with those faux crystal door knobs. I had knowledge that one of the doors was a closet door and the other led out of the room. From inside the closet door came an insistent knocking. I would then get (in dream) a mental image of a beautiful china doll. She was dressed in an old fashioned ballgown, with a large matching hat. Her features were perfectly formed and inexpressibly evil.
I dreamed this and another related dream (where the doll was chasing me down a long hallway. I could hear her little china hands clicking on the wooden floor as she came after me).

There was something else that I saw in that back bedroom that to this day I am not sure was a dream or real. I must’ve been around 5 or so. I was lying in the bed watching the closet of the room. That closet terrified me. I don’t know why, it just did. At any rate, I saw the door handle turn and a…something came out of the closet. It looked like a person made of pillows and fabric. I distinctly remember it/him having a squarish head with buttons for eyes. It came and grabbed me and tried to drag me back into the closet. I woke up/came to screaming and damp (having peed on myself in my extreme terror).

I’m not sure what dredged all these memories up. Perhaps because its been such a gloomy sort of day and I got to thinking about ghosties. I’ve had them on the brain for a while though. (Ghosts and ha’nts, that is).