Game Stuff

Campaign opener for Talislanta game. Intended as a background piece and a start for the characters.


Coded Message
From Aabas, Monitor of Aanu, Newest City in Aa’s Domain

In the knowledge that Aa the Omnipresent will deliver this safely into proper hands, written on this 17th Day of Drome.

Most HOLY,

In the wondrous city of Aamahd, all praise to Aa the Omnibenevolent!,
the great work moves forward. The perfidious Zandir know nothing of
our plans; Aa smite the eyes from their heads! Captured infidels are
being placed in the Halls of Penance at a constant rate and are being
shipped to Aanu every day to supplement our newest city. They praise
Aa the Omnibeneficient at their chance to convert other infidels, as
is proper. As discussed, no traders or merchants are being detained.
It is our thought, assuredly given by Aa, Most HOLY, that by the final
week of Jhang all will be in position and ready.

In Aa’s Holy Light,
Monitor Aabas of Aanu

Inscribed on this Glorious Day, the 35th of Drome

Most Blessed and Magnificent Sultan,

As the captured missive indicates, it is perhaps in our best interest to find out what those idiots are doing. I have not heard of a new city being raised in Aaman. May I humbly suggest an infiltration party? I have some, …candidates in mind for this particular job.

By my hand,
Palitarus, Master Seneschal

Inscribed on the 37th Day of Drome

I am busy with my newest wife, who is the light of my eye and has the roundest bottom I have ever seen. Her breasts are as pomegranates and her aim is wicked. If you are not getting my hint, leave me out of this for now. Do whatever you think is necessary. But lest you forget your place, remember your predecessor whose rotting carcass still dangles below your window, I believe. I will not tolerate incompetence.

Scribed verbatim,

That is *IT*. I’ve been patient. I’ve dropped hints. But now I’m tired of beig nicey nice nice GM. There will be Talislanta this weekend. There will be random bad stuff(tm) happening and dice and cries of “HEY! Where the FUCK did that come from?!” I will have these things and that is all there is to it. Get your characters, get your dice and get your butt over here.

That is all.

Fashion Bug Up Her Butt

So I’m thinking of cutting off my hair. “How much hair?” some of you may wail.

All of it, pretty much. Think pixie style. I’d post a picture of it in here except that I don’t know how. I’ve had longish hair for the last 10 or so years. I cut it up to chin level a few months ago. Now I’m wanting more gone. I want hair that I can style quick, quick, quick! A friend divasheila is going to do it for me, I think.

Now the question is….what color? Red, I’ve done. Same with dark brown. I don’t mind repeats, I just wanna see some opinions. Lemme know if you’ve got a burning desire to see my hair in this handy-dandy poll. (my first, I’m so proud!)