That is *IT*. I’ve been patient. I’ve dropped hints. But now I’m tired of beig nicey nice nice GM. There will be Talislanta this weekend. There will be random bad stuff(tm) happening and dice and cries of “HEY! Where the FUCK did that come from?!” I will have these things and that is all there is to it. Get your characters, get your dice and get your butt over here.

That is all.

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  1. Yeah!

    Yeah! you tell em!

    While I’m not getting to game Tal, I’m getting my fill by writing some of the new stuff that Morrigan has slated for release. The Aamanian game sounds wiz. might want to pick your brain about what worked and didn’t work with the Aamanians as she might be contributing to the Aamanian chapter in a future release.

    Or was it Arim.

    Can’t remember. Too much other stuff on the brain.

    1. Re: Yeah!

      You’re doing some of the writing for Morrigan? How cool is that? J is doing a module for the Northern Lands. Whatcha writin?!! (/crazedfangirl)

      The Aamanian game is gonna be *evil*. Mwuahaha..ahem. *cough* Since you’re not gonna be in the actual game as it goes down would like to hear the outline?

      1. Re: Yeah!


        Weeeellll…. I’m writing the Region Book for the Northern Lands. *g*

        has been forced to play an Aamanian Witch-hunter the last coupla big games that we did… and has found that she really likes them… She’s always been anti-Aamanian for the majority of her Tal career, but now she’s enjoying the … simplicity perhaps? … of the Aamanians. At least Aamanian Witch-hunters that border on being labelled heretics if the Inquisition knew of some of their activities or cohorts but at heart she’s really REALLY loyal to Aa, just not necessarily His priesthood. Yeah. Simplicity.

        Sure! Lay the outline on me! Assuming of course that your gamers don’t read here. Otherwise, just email it me or the like.

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