the imp of perversity loves me a little too much

I didn’t want to ‘jinx’ it so I hadn’t mentioned it here but today was a job interview for me.

Let me re-phrase that. Today was *supposed* to be a job interview. See…the company that I was supposed to interview with are extreme sticklers about being on time. So much so that if you are late for the interview, they don’t even bother. They just write you off as unreliable. No problem, I thought. ‘Cause I hate being late too…I am generally a very punctual person. So I tell my husband that I have an interview at noon and I need him home with the car by 11AM. That would give me plenty of time to drop him back at work and then head on down south.

Not so my friends. Not so. Well…maybe if John had shown up at 11 instead of 1145 it would’ve been ok. Oh, sure I laid rubber all the way down Mopac trying to get from Northwest Austin to the bottom end of Lamar (360/Lamar) on time. I actually made it into the area by twelve. But then I couldn’t right road or the right anything. I spent 14 minutes looking for the actual location of the offices as the map provided was more than inadequate.

So the upshot is that I was told “HAR HAR HAR” when I walked in. No job for me. The suckiest part is that if I had been able to make it on time I was practically guaranteed a job. And the nice people who set this all up for me, the nice contract people? Yeah, they don’t want anything to do with me either right now.

11 thoughts on “the imp of perversity loves me a little too much

  1. Argh! That sucks!

    I am absolutely compulsive about scouting out job interview places BEFORE the day of the interview, to avoid exactly that kind of problem. Way too often have I driven aimlessly around some confusing knotted morass of an office park searching for “1104B, building Q, lot C” or whatever.

  2. That happened to me once too. I am sure I didn’t get the job because I was 10 minutes late (construction on the road and getting lost caused the delay).

    I think that “the suck” is in the air today. 😦

  3. That way totally sucks. But do you really want to work for a company that is *that* inflexible? I wouldn’t.

    I think it’s more of a loss that the contract people aren’t working with you on this. Sorry it went so badly, hon.

  4. I can so relate

    I’ve had something very similar happen before. SO ridiculous. I turned down a job offer once in Seattle because they EXPECTED the voice mail to be changed to reflect the day it was; RIGHT AT 8:am and if it wasn’t you’d get written up.

    it’s like, RELAX people – things happen.

  5. Oh… man

    I know how that feels..

    Think of it this way (this is my self defense mechanisim), you didn’t get that job because something better is coming your way.. and if they couldn’t forgve your being lost from map error, you might not have wanted to work their anyway…

    either way… good luck

  6. Bah

    Blows. Dirrections. Late. Real life. Money.

    Look ahead, though. Finish being bummed, then move it ahead. You will be fine, though doubt you think like that right now.

    Nevermind. Come back and read this again ina few days. Will sound better then…


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