You ever just wake up in a mood? A really, really foul one?
The kind where you aren’t sure if you should just razor open the big veins in your legs or go on a Seth-like rumble across 3 states.

Yeah, that was me this morning.
There were a variety of rasons that I was feeling that way. Some of them big, most of them tiny. Lots and lots of tiny, though. It didn’t help that the MIL called and woke me up either.

I’m feeling better – thanks out to you, you know who you are – and not quite so, well violent. Which is all to the good, so far as I’m concerned. Its harder than hell to tease me out of a funk.

Sin City

SWIPE!!! from adayinthelife: sin city

this may well be the most enthusiastic movie review i’ve ever seen.

This is completely unlike anything you’ve seen in theaters. It’s the greatest ShockSuspense Story ever told… Each panel stripped down and saturated. This isn’t reality, this isn’t down the corner. The dialogue isn’t realistic, it’s just the way it oughta be. SIN CITY is populated with the subconscious “id”-heroes of Pulp. This is the umpteenth vision of a Meyer-esque dystopian paradise of decaying grandeur and decadence. The characters spout – no erupt with the sort of high living and dying dialogue that gods speak before killing and fucking. You know – the gods that played on silver screens before we started aching to see our own pathetic excuses for lives up there instead. No self-referential post-modern flair… this… this is filled with dialogue for Cagney, Bogie and Edward G. And Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Clive Owen relish every line.

I’ve been wet to see this since I saw the trailer. If I have to wait much beyond Saturday, there’ll be some hurtin’ on someone.

Just sayin’.

Wow, things are always more complicated than they at first appear.

So, I got the job at Apple. Five – yes, five! – recruiters have since contacted me with possible gigs in QA/tech writing. All of them here in Austin. All of them will of course be paying twice what the call center gig does. *arrrrrrrrgh!*

And suddenly the question of afterschool care for the Girl takes on a whole new dimension as I will be at work when she gets out for the day. Do we have dollars to start her in an afterschool program. No, of course not. We have no disposable income right now – let’s face it, gas and food are sometimes an issue.