32 thoughts on “Weight Gnus

    1. *rawr*

      Thanks, sweetie. I’m feeling (physically) pretty good. Mentally, I’m over the fucking moon. I was at the club this past Sunday night and a cute (albeit VERY drunk) girl hit on me. Imagine if you will, the scene (dg=drunk girl):

      Me: sitting and enjoying my drink
      DG: stumbles into my lap and slurs “You’re soooooo hawt!” and then licks my face

      Now, granted she was VERY drunk but she was one of the four or so people that hit on me. So apparently I’m cute and my dancing is sexy enough to get a rise out of a eunuch.

      1. Re: *rawr*

        YOWZA! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…when I lose about a whole buncha more weight, I’m gonna come visit and go to that bar…I could use a good lickin’ about right now!! BWAHAHAHA boy could I ever.

        Good for you!

      2. Re: *rawr*

        *giggle* She licked my face. It wasn’t overly slobbery otherwise I’d be a bit more grossed out.

        But def come on down for a visit, hon.

    1. Its definitely had its suck-ass moments but overall – I think it was the right choice for me. Anyone who says its the “easy way out” gets a spiked baseball bat up the ass, though.

      What flavor of WLS did she have? (if I may ask such a personal question?)

      1. Sometimes I think I’m gaining the weight you’re losing. *pout* I want to get skinny too…
        Well, next week I do start NIA twice a week instead of once a week…and I had red peppers for lunch twice too…

      1. Just busy. Spotty internet access. Work, work and more work. Kid keeps me on my toes. Literally, since she’s almost as tall as I am now. Heeee.

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