aaaaaaaaaalriiiiiiiiiiiighty then


The best job offer/interview I’ve had in oh I don’t know, MONTHS and they want me to re-locate to Dallas.

Not that I have anything against Dallas, per se. Its actually where I lived before here in glorious Austin. Its just…*sigh*

The Girl would have to change schools
We’d have to move
J would have to xfer schools
Other stuff – brain not functioning well today

Its a tech *writing* gig
It pays really well
It has benefits
Other stuff – see above

C’mon guys – help me out here. What do I tell the nice HR person?

28 thoughts on “aaaaaaaaaalriiiiiiiiiiiighty then

  1. will they help with relocation expenses? How stable is this job? What is the salary compared to cost of living (heh, probably better than Austin) how far will your commute be?

    1. No, they wouldn’t help with the relocation expense. The salary is more than double what I’m looking at making here. Plus, yes the cost of living in Austin as compared to Dallas is laughable. The job is as stable as anything in the tech world. However, the industry it would be attached to is incredibly stable.
      Commute would depend on where we moved to. And John would have to find a job as well.

      1. This is all theory at this point. But its a working theory, if you see what I mean.

        Again, there are other considerations. I like Dalals well enough. My family is there. Friends. Possible new friends.

        I guess what it all boils down to is that its in the career path that I want to persue – writing. And its a job where I would make very nice money.

    1. No, its not. There are other consirations though. J would need to find a job. We’d be moving in the middle of a school year for both him and the Girlie. we’d have to break our lease – AND we have a roommate whom we adore. So doing that to her would suck bigtime.

      1. Is the pay enough to make you consider moving anyway with all the negative things you’ve come up with? It really sounds like you don’t want to take it from waht you’ve said.

      2. Its not so much the pay that is drawing me – although, don’t get me wrong its a very nice bonus.
        Its the fact that its in the career path that I am attempting to persue. Otherwise I’d be telling her “thanks but no”.

        But its a tech writing gig. And I’m more than qualified for it. It would be a foot in the door, so to speak. So while there are many cons – there is a huge pro as well.

      3. Maybe try only you moving until the end of the school year, it’s annoying but it could keep you from uprooting everyone in the middle of school and not losing the job opportunity. Just a thought that might be worth talking to the family about.

      4. I’m definitely gonna talk it over with everyone tonight. For me, it represents a step down the path I’d like to take.

        My eventual goal/hopeful plan is this:
        I’d like to write for gaming companies. End user docs, dialogue, story arcs and/or scripts – whatever. I’d be good at it and it would keep me in Wheaties very nicely. That being said – I’d like some experience in tech writing on my resume. This job represents a step in that direction. My hope is that with actual tech writing and some published modules on the resume, I would be able to land said dream job.

  2. Would it be reasonable to do a weekend commute at least until the end of the school year? Stay 4 nights in a cheap hotel or perhaps post something on craigslist about crash/shower space for a few months and be home on weekends?

    If it’s the best thing you’ve found, I’d say go for it. It may be the job of your dreams. 🙂 …and if it’s not, what will you have lost in however much time it takes to determine that for trying it out?

    1. That’s definitely what I would suggest – splitting your time between DFW and Austin for as long as you can, to make sure that it’s what you want. Mercury retrograde dog dags are starting, so I wouldn’t trust any long term decision right now.

      1. To be perfectly honest, I don’t find Dallas that attractive other than the Galleria and the Sunday drink specials at the Village Tavern.

      1. I know you’re not. You know I’m just anal about Being Prepared, and if I need to start coming up with a plan B, just in case, I’d like to know. That’s all. I trust you, sweetie.

      2. *hug* I know. I just wanted to reassure you that no matter what – things are status quo as far as lease etc. are concerned. I know you worry and I didn’t want it to be excessive.

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