Wow, things are always more complicated than they at first appear.

So, I got the job at Apple. Five – yes, five! – recruiters have since contacted me with possible gigs in QA/tech writing. All of them here in Austin. All of them will of course be paying twice what the call center gig does. *arrrrrrrrgh!*

And suddenly the question of afterschool care for the Girl takes on a whole new dimension as I will be at work when she gets out for the day. Do we have dollars to start her in an afterschool program. No, of course not. We have no disposable income right now – let’s face it, gas and food are sometimes an issue.



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      1. I’ve worked at a variety of companies – most of them in software development of one sort or another. My favorite was a lil company here in Austin called “Netsolve” which was a network management company. I tested/documented the software that did the watching. Loads of fun as far as the actual work was; very intricate and detail orientated. Lots of new tech for me to learn to help grasp what it did.

  1. Is there a reason you couldn’t give notice and take one of those tech writing jobs? I mean I know it’s not necessarily the best form, but is that a possibility?

    1. I probably could. I would just feel bad about it. Further, they’re just possibilities now. I’m just bemoaning the fact that they didn’t come last week when I was still looking. You know?

      1. I do totally know. Murphy’s Law sucks, eh?

        So just contact, no offers yet. I know the guilt, believe me. If an offer comes through, though, keep in mind that you don’t have to feel guilty for making your lives better.

    1. The YMCA afterschool program wants 172.00 – payable right away, natch – plus, I think she said something about a membership fee but that could be rolled in the 172. *sigh* We’ll probably sign up for it – 172/month is a good deal, after all. However, we just don’t have the cash to pull it off *now*.

      1. Phooey. I get paid again next Thursday and I’d have it then, but I did a big billpay out of this check…
        Does her school have Extend-a-Care? Could you maybe get her in Stepping Stone afterschool for the first few days? How much would that be?
        Shall I see if anyone I know/trust is available for post-school childcare for those days?

      2. Shall I see if anyone I know/trust is available for post-school childcare for those days?

        …is the best bet. We have NO disposable dollars right now, not with rent coming up. And thank you for the dollar lending thought, I appreciate it muchly! *hug*

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