Dear Prudence,….

Why is it that my favorite soup (hot and sour) looks like something a Martian hooker threw up?

Generally speaking, things are pretty good. BF (otherwise known as the mysterious “c”) is late right now. On the one hand, he’s only an hour late. I mean, good grief – get over myself. But there is that niggling doubt in my psyche. Years of living with poor self image rears its ugly head and *chomp!* Suddenly, I believe that he’s gonna no-call/no-show. I know that he’s better than that. I know that he will get here and that likely he’s just running late.

Why can’t he call?!, yells my angrier self.
Because he’s doing some errands, says a more rational bit.
This is probably the way he lets folks know he doesn’t want them that self-doubting bitch snaps.
COULD you please get a grip replies my Viking self.
Dead on the roadside, mourns the worrier in my heart.
Oh shut up, you, everyone shouts.

And so it goes. And to top it all off – my recruiting company have turned out to be well,..staffed by morons. At least their Office Manager (I only capitalize that because in *every* email she’s sent me it has her full signature – So and so, Office Manager, XYZ Company, Phone Number, extension, Fax Number, and her email address(as if I couldn’t read it off the “from” section). Every email. Even the one that finally said “GOT IT!!!!!!!!”(sic)
If only she were as diligent with the pursuit of her duties as she was in the Signing of The Emails. She’d be CEO within weeks.
I’ve worked with them for two weeks. I input via fax last week’s time card a grand total of five times – because this moron can’t be bothered to find the ones I sent. Did I mention – FIVE times?
Yeah, it means that I’m not getting paid this week. Or possibly next. Or the one after that. I will be waiting for (counting the past two weeks) a MONTH before I actually see money from this job. If I didn’t like the work (and truly, desperately need the job) I’d tell them to go and place it gently sideways up their collective asses. (the contract people – I actually *like* the people I work with. They’re very Austin-WYSISYG types)

On the other hand, “c” is still late.

Damn….did it again

Sorry for the delay – its been crazy in the real world. New job, new boyfriend, another new job, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

Overall, things are going really well. I truly hate saying that out loud as I feel like that’s asking Murphy to come along and kick me in the (proverbial) nads but I gotta be honest. My house is a wreck, though. I’ve only seen my roommate in passing (that girl does ZOOM) and I had to treat the kitties(*) for fleas.

New job is pretty cool. I very much like the work. The people are very quiet though. I am a bit concerned that I am a little, er….well different than they are. One of the supes has a Bible quotation on his office door ferchrissakes. No one has said a word about my purple hair however, so I’m taking it on faith (faith, har! I made a funny!) ..taking it that so long as I do my job they won’t wrinkle up their noses.

That is all I have time to update for today but hey! Feel free to shout at me if you see me online.

* I’d call ’em meatloafs but that name has already been snagged by another.

The Pissy Chronicles

Spending an afternoon in a pee lab is NOT my favorite thing to do. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Spending an afternoon in a pee lab and having them fucking deny the paperwork the goddamn recruiter sent is on the fun-list somewhere after being ass-raped by clowns.

I’ve got to contact the recruiter – who is in California, so I can’t visit retribution on her personally – so that she can setup a new frickin’ account with these idiots. Because otherwise, I won’t be able to start work on Monday. And that makes me very angry. And lemme tell ya; you wouldn’t like me when I am angry.

Mare SMASH!!!

Another day, another do…yeah, whatever.

Its been an interesting week or two. Did I mention that I no longer work for the tech support gig? Short story shorter – I got an offer for a QA/QC job in the software/hardware field. Which I start on Monday. Pending the lab results.

What does that make today?

Why today is pee test day. Whee! In a few moments, I shall head out the door to give up my urine for a lab assistant to have a job. Or something like that.

I’m truly looking forward to squatting over a cup that Barbie would diss as a drinking vessel and peeing without hosing myself, the furniture and the floor down. And let’s not get into the whole invasion of privacy issue. I want a job, I need a job so I’m not gonna complain too loud.

At least, not right now. Or not in their hearing.

What are they looking for anyhow? I figure if I was able to show up for the interview and be coherent, knowlegable and friendly then they should take that as my general work mode and leave it at that.
If I show up for work drunk or whatever, yeah fine -fire me then. But otherwise, butt the fuck outta my personal space. Peeing in a cup so you can go over my chemical history is more than a little degrading.

Weekend = freakin’ fabulous

Gaming, dancing, snogging, blogging. Thunderstorms, more gaming, really bad chop sakey movies, really good kung fu theatre/vampire flick. Fantastic sex, yummy food, and bubble baths.

I must wrap up this update with the fact that I am a blessed and loved woman. And a somewhat sore one, *wink*

From dancing, you leches! What did you THINK I was talking about?

All is freaky in me little world.

Get a job. Check.
Start training for said job. Check.
Get another job offer. Uh, check.
Have to decide between really groovy atmosphere but slightly “eh” job type and really “eh” atmosphere and completely keen work. Umm…check.
Call in to Job A to let them know about Job B. Check.
Have Job A be totally understanding and helpful. Have Job B be completely mysterious and not call-backy. Fuck.

Plus….things are progressing nicely on the Lover front. I think. I’m almost positive.
Oh, what the fuck do I know?!
Things are certainly progressing *fast*. Things that I did not expect to happen for months yet have already done so. Things that I *did* expect to happen have not.

is this rambly and vague enough for you all?

So, I’m back at home for another week. There are about, oh – 2 zillion things that I’d like to do; some of them tonight and this weekend. Are they gonna happen? That’s a big, fat maybe. *shrug*

Alright peeps, lend me your funk. I needs some serious lovin’ here.

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions and leave the answers as comments on my LJ.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

The questions I was asked:

1.The most romantic gift you’ve ever received was….

2.There’s no genie, but you’ve been granted three wishes, how do you use them.

3.decribe What you would consider a romantic night out?

4. Name the actor or actress you’d want to portray you in a movie based on your life.

5. Your idea of a romantic food is……

1. The gift of trust from one person to another is the most romantic and exciting gift there is.

2. I would wish for the following:
a.) For one of the top scientists in the US to come up with a workable alternative energy plan and implement it right away.
b.) For magic, real honest to gods, finger wrigglin’ magic to be granted me.
c.) The ability to change my appearance on daily basis – in other words, make me a metamorph.

3. Dinner, a moonlit walk along the beach, dancing at a really good (yet strangely uncrowded) club, after hours stop at a coffee house for talking/snuggling. All of this with my husband and boyfriend. (Yes, at the same time)

4. Hrm. I’ve answered this before and I would have to say “Sandra Bullock”. I say this not because I think I’m as cute as her but because I feel like we’ve got the same *kind* of smile. That is to say, genuine and slightly goofy.

5. This is kind of a toss-up. Either a full-on 10 course Indian dinner, complete with the ritual arranging of the dishes; all served on spotless silver platters while dancers entertain me/us.
Or, the curve of my lover’s neck.